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Benefits of e-Learning in Business

posted by Carla on Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Oxbridge Home Learning have a prospectus of interactive, innovative and industry specific e-Learning courses. We make it easy for you and your organisation to fulfil all of the current training requirements.

We provide pertinent, relevant courses in:

  • Business and Administration
  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Human Resources
  • Office Management
  • Team Leading Skills
  • Event Management

e-Learning means that you can

Learn online anywhere at any time. For up to date knowledge, sleek training and relevant qualifications. You can arm your business with the best knowledge and skills, ensure consistency of competence throughout the teams. Be able to promote from within and give your trusted and dependable staff the skills required to move your company forward.

First of all, the many Benefits of e-Learning

rocketFast Delivery

One of the key advantages of e-Learning is that it has almost instantaneous delivery. It reports faster completion times than time honored and traditional classroom-based instruction. Recent research has shown that e-learning reduces learning times by at least 25% and at times up to 60% when compared to traditional learning.

As a consequence e-Learning cuts down on training time required because:

  • It does not take as long to start or conclude a learning session. Home learning is based on a ‘pick up and put down at your own convenience’ model. Our courses have been designed and constructed to be studied in this way.
  • Learners set their own pace, rather than the pace of the group. Beneficial as everyone learns at a different speed and in different ways.
  • No travel time is required to get to and from classes. This travel time can be additional learning time or chance for a coffee, also,
  • Learners can focus on elements of a programme they need to learn and can skip what they already know.

Oxbridge Home Learning lower costsLower Costs

Due to the speed and ease in which e-Learning can be delivered by Oxbridge Home Learning, the costs of learning and development for an organisation are significantly reduced.

There are the immediate cost-effective gains of e-Learning in terms of reducing training time. As well as cost-effective savings in terms of trainers, course materials, travel and potentially accommodation. Furthermore, it is equally important to highlight that e-Learning, when done right, can also improve an organisation’s profitability.

City & Guilds report that :

  • M&S saved £500k over alternative training methods in year 1. They also improved customer service by 22% and became more profitable as a result.
  • McDonald’s who saved £5m over 2 years with their Business Controls Elearning, as well as seeing a 10% sales growth as a result of the training.

In conclusion, businesses will benefit by saving time as well as money. Our courses are studied at home in the employees own time. Whether or not you allocate time back or time within work to study is at your discretion.



e-Learning allows constant access to courses. To be completed whenever it suits the learner and wherever the preference is to learn, This could include: the commute to work, a Saturday morning whilst waiting for your child at football practice, a Wednesday evening when you take your mother in law to the supermarket.


Oxbridge Home Learning GraphMore Effective e-Learning

e-Learning courses can have a positive and direct impact on an organisation’s profitability. Done by making it easy to learn and digest information. Studies on e-Learning and evidence found in City & Guilds have made it increasingly clear that e-Learning has the following positive benefits for learners, and in turn, the businesses they work for:

  • better attitude toward the e-Learning format and training in general
  • improved scores on tests, certifications or other evaluations
  • increase in number of learners who achieve a ‘pass’ exams
  • greater ability to apply the new knowledge or processes on the job
  • better long-term retention of information
  • a desire to remain in the company and to progress


Oxbridge Home Learning WorldLower Environmental Impact

By providing an alternative to the paper-based learning and testing of traditional classrooms, e-Learning is an effective way for organisations consequentially reducing their carbon footprint.

A study by the Open University found that on average, the production and provision of distance learning courses consumed nearly 90 percent less energy and produced 85 percent fewer CO2 emissions per student than conventional campus-based university courses. The key areas in which e-Learning lowers an organisations’ environmental impact are as follows:

  • cuts down on the travel and accommodation costs associated with undertaking a course
  • reduces the need for a campus site and the accompanying costs of maintaining the facility and equipment and also,
  • eliminates the need for paper, as a result saving trees

Oxbridge Home Learning PeopleA Specialist Learning Team at your service � Oxbridge Home Learning

A highly experienced team, with years of knowledge and practice, comes together to create a formidable resource for all your short, medium and long term training objectives whether you are a business or an individual. At Oxbridge Home Learning we’re more than just a quality distance learning course provider, we focus on building a better You.

Oxbridge Home Learning megaphoneMobile

Especially relevant, as e-Learning can be done on laptops, tablets and phones it is a very mobile method. Hence, learning can be done on the train, on a plane or any other time that could normally be wasted. Whilst you used to be confined to the classroom, the whole world can now be your classroom.


Oxbridge Home Learning pointsCapacity and Consistency

Also, Using e-Learning allows educators to achieve a great degree of coverage for their target audience, and since it ensures that the message is communicated in a consistent fashion. This results in all learners receiving the same training, consistency throughout.