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23 May '24

Distance Learning: Where do I start? 

Learn about how the advancement of modern technology has resulted in flexible studying. Read More
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23 May '24

Distance Learning: Where do I start? 

Learn about how the advancement of modern technology has resulted in flexible studying. Read More

Is It Too Late to Start Learning?

A look into whether education is the correct route for you. Read More
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20 May '24

Oxbridge Leads the Way in Digital Education

Matt Jones’ inspiring presence at the Learning Technologies Conference Read More
Student Advice
17 May '24

Avoiding Burnout: Essential Tips to Help You Thrive at Work  

Top tips to help you avoid becoming too stressed and overwhelmed. Stay at your most productive with expert advice. Read More
Reading time: 4 minutes

Is it time we ditch learning styles?

You will have no doubt come across 'learning styles' at one point of your educational journey or another. There are many theories that suggest that the way we learn is significant in getting the exam results you need. However, in recent years, these have come under scrutiny and criticism. Some… Read More
3 Jan '24

The Evergreen Relevance of Accountancy in the Age of Digital Commerce

The UK's New Tax Rules mean that bookkeeping and accountancy skills continue to be relevant and in demand. Read More
Reading time: 4 minutes
College News
3 Jan '24

Matt's Sahara Trek for Acorns Children's Hospice

In October 2023, Oxbridge founder Matt Jones completed a gruelling trek across the scorching Sahara Desert to raise money for Acorns Children's Hospice. Acorns has three main hospices, based in Birmingham, Worcester, and Walsall, all of which provide vital care for children… Read More
25 Oct '23

The Complete Guide to Choosing GCSEs [2024 edition]

Whether you dream of becoming a doctor, are passionate about working with animals, or have hopes of being a teacher, getting the right GCSEs is the first step. Deciding on the best combination of subjects is not a decision to rush, and it can be a daunting… Read More
Student Advice
24 Oct '23

Are A-levels harder than university?

Making the jump up to studying A-levels from GCSE is often said to be the hardest in education. But why is that the case? And what can you do to prepare yourself for the transition? Read on to find out! Quality and quantity More focused study… Read More
Student Advice
24 Oct '23

Which A-levels do universities prefer?

Knowing which A-levels are best for you and the degree you want to study can be difficult. While you have complete freedom over your final choice, you still need to be mindful of certain factors, not least what universities expect from prospective students. Are there some subjects universities… Read More

The Complete Guide to Choosing A-levels [2024 edition]

A-levels are key qualifications for progressing on to university, further education, or into a career. Just like at GCSE, you have the opportunity to choose your subjects, and the decision you make is not one to rush. This guide to choosing your A-levels will help you… Read More

Empowering Success: Sakshi Ramteke's Journey with Oxbridge's Life Coaching Course

At Oxbridge, we take immense pride in the accomplishments of our students, and today, we're thrilled to share the inspiring story of Sakshi Ramteke, one of our outstanding learners who recently completed our Life Coaching course. Sakshi's dedication, coupled with our unique approach to education, has enabled her… Read More
11 Sep '23

Why a teaching assistant could be your perfect career

If a career in education is something you've been dreaming of and you're inspired to help the next generation fulfil their potential, a teaching assistant (or TA) could be perfect for you. Being a TA is often the natural first step towards becoming a teacher. But that isn't the… Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Montessori Education

Various teaching methodologies have emerged in education, each with its unique approach and philosophy. One such method that has gained widespread recognition and acclaim is the Montessori Method. If you're wondering what is a Montessori school, you've come to the right place. Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early… Read More
19 Jul '23

How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job

If you’re currently searching for a new job, chances are you’ve updated your CV, signed up with a recruiter, and sent out more applications than you can count. But if you’re not using LinkedIn, you could be missing a trick.  LinkedIn is not just a social network for CEOs and entrepreneurs. It is for… Read More
Student Advice
14 Jul '23

The changing landscape of university applications

With A-level Results Day just over a month away, figures released by UCAS suggest that the number of school-leavers heading off to university in September will be the second-highest on record at just over 319 500. After the last couple of pandemic-affected years, does this mean… Read More
13 Jul '23

Considering a career in computing? Here's what you need to know

The rising influence of AI and digital innovation in our daily lives is inspiring a new generation of computing experts. According to UCAS figures, there is a record number of applicants for computing courses at universities, nearly 95 000 in total. That's up from 86 630… Read More
Student Advice
12 Jul '23

A-level Results Day 2023: How to Resit A-levels

Thursday 17th August 2023 marks this year's A-level Results Day. If you don’t quite get the results you were expecting or need to get into university, try not to panic. Retaking A-level exams can be a way of getting back on track. This guide will help you decide whether… Read More
Student Advice
10 Jul '23

A-level Results Day: what to expect

A-level Results Day can be daunting. The grades you receive will shape the direction you will take, whether that's going to university, alternative study or straight into a job. Whatever happens, remember that you always have options. We've put together this guide to help you prepare for the big… Read More

A-level Results Day 2023: a guide to university clearing

A-level Results Day 2023 falls on the 17th of August and is both exciting and terrifying in equal measure. Exam boards start releasing the grades from around 8am. Depending on the grades you receive it can either be a day of celebration or a day to reassess your options. Not… Read More

Ultimate Guide To Access to Higher Education [23 - 24]

There were 767,000 applicants for full-time undergraduate places through UCAS in 2022. Given the impacts of Covid-19, this figure is impressive and suggests that for many, the appeal of university remains strong. However, obstacles to higher education still remain, particularly with regards to grades and… Read More
22 Jun '23

How to highlight your internship experience on your cover letter

You can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job. Internships are a great way to get around this problem. A study by Zippia found that 70% of surveyed interns were hired by the same company they interned for at the end of… Read More

Getting to university with an Access to Higher Education Diploma

Access to Higher Education (A2HE) Diplomas provide a transformative pathway to personal growth, career opportunities, and societal progress. However, there is a grey area surrounding whether universities will accept the courses as part of their entry requirements. In this article, we will highlight some of the forward-thinking ones that… Read More
College News
30 May '23

From Apprentice to Distinction: Jake's Success Story at Oxbridge

We have some fantastic news to share at Oxbridge – our first-ever apprentice in Business Administration, Jake, has successfully completed his apprenticeship six months ahead of schedule with a distinction! Jake joined us in February 2022 and has been working in various departments within Oxbridge, including marketing, customer service,… Read More
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