People holding emoji masks over the face

Emojis In Modern Day Communication

Emojis have become an integral part of modern-day communication, allowing us to express emotions, actions, objects, and ideas. Today, emojis...

2 days ago

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Young students in a classroom asking questions about the curriculum

Why Schools and Academies are Struggling to Keep Up with Curriculum Demands

In this blog post, we explore the reasons why traditional education is struggling to keep up with curriculum demands and how we could help

1 month ago

Children's Toys | Childcare

Evolution of Children’s Most Popular Toys

Children’s toys have been created since we discovered our own opposable thumbs. Of course, as with everything else, toys have...

3 months ago

Girl on laptop studying distance learning

How Distance Learning Can Save You Money

The cost of traditional education is a primary factor as to why many people choose not to further their education....

3 months ago

Jelly Beans - student beans

Student Beans: How to Apply and Get Discounts

Everybody loves saving money, especially students! Oxbridge is proud to be registered as a learning provider with Student Beans -...

5 months ago

Qualification Levels Explained

Qualification Levels Explained: What Do they mean?

Courses come in different levels and sizes to suit everybody. In this blog, we explain what all those different qualification levels mean...

6 months ago

GCSE Results day 2022 | Oxbridge Blog

GCSE Results Day: Next Steps?

Thursday 25th August 2022 marks this year's GCSE  results day - an important day for many young people who eagerly...

7 months ago

How to resit A-levels 2022 | Oxbridge Blog

A-level Results Day 2022: How to Resit A-levels

Thursday 18th August 2022 marks this year's A-level results day. A-levels represent the path to success; they’re the route to...

7 months ago

TOTUM Pro - exlcusive discounts for Oxbridge students

How to Apply for a TOTUM PRO Card (NUS Extra)

When you enrol on a course with Oxbridge, your student status will make you eligible for a TOTUM PRO card!...

7 months ago

Best A-level subjects for the degree you want to study

Best A-level subjects for the degree you want to study

When it comes to deciding which A-level subjects you want to study, you also need to consider what you think...

8 months ago

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