Qualification Levels Explained

Qualification Levels Explained: What Do they mean?

Courses come in different levels and sizes to suit everybody. In this blog, we explain what all those different qualification levels mean...

4 weeks ago

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GCSE Results day 2022 | Oxbridge Blog

GCSE Results Day 2022: Next Steps?

Thursday 25th August 2022 marks this year's GCSE  results day - an important day for many young people who eagerly...

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How to resit A-levels 2022 | Oxbridge Blog

A-level Results Day 2022: How to Resit A-levels

Thursday 18th August 2022 marks this year's A-level results day. A-levels represent the path to success; they’re the route to...

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Best A-level subjects for the degree you want to study

Best A-level subjects for the degree you want to study

When it comes to deciding which A-level subjects you want to study, you also need to consider what you think...

2 months ago

BCA - Westminster, London

Oxbridge Founder is honoured with a BCA during this Summer’s roll

Matt Jones - Oxbridge Founder and MD, has been recognised for his positive impact on society by the British Citizen...

2 months ago

mental health awareness page header

Mental Health Awareness Week

What is Mental Health Awareness Week? Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event founded over 20 years ago, dedicated...

4 months ago

a book keeper uses a calculator

What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

Whether they’re monitoring revenue coming in or money going out, bookkeepers are crucial to every company’s success. Without dependable bookkeeping,...

5 months ago

a make up artist applies eye liner

Top Courses For Beauty Therapists

Want to help people look their best? Then beauty therapy is the career for you. It’s a profession with limitless...

6 months ago

black and white cows drink from a trough

Why Study GCSE & A-Level Biology?

Biology is the scientific study of living organisms. The word ‘biology’ literally means the study of life, deriving from the...

6 months ago

a teenager writes notes

How to Convert IB to UCAS Points

Earning UCAS points is the traditional way to get into UK universities. Students will typically earn their points at sixth...

6 months ago