Having access to a range of A-level Maths textbooks and other resources is key for developing as wide an understanding of the course as possible. Different awarding bodies will have their own set of recommended textbooks and study guides, but here are some of our recommendations. Do you have any of your own to add?

Three suggested textbooks for A-Level Maths.

CGP Revision Guides

This range of A-level Maths revision guides includes a variation for each awarding body - OCR, AQA, and Edexcel - so you can be sure that you will only learn the topics that will be covered in your exam. Widely recommended by teachers, the CGP revision guides for Maths are supported by online materials and printed resources, including exam practice workbooks, enabling you to learn in the way that suits you.

Like all CGP study guides, the A-level Maths books break down potentially complex equations and information into an easy-to-follow format, with summary questions to further help your understanding. You can order the relevant study guide directly from CGP's website, through Amazon, or buy them at most leading bookshops.

Bridging GCSE and A-level Maths Student Book by Collins

The step up from GCSE to A-level can be challenging. If you're finding the transition up difficult, the 'Bridging GCSE and A-level Maths Student Book' by Collins might be a helpful book to have close by, alongside the specific study guides Collins produces for each A-level awarding body.

Written by experienced A-level author Mark Rowland, the guide begins to cover some of the topics introduced at GCSE level but expands on them to prepare you for how they are discussed and advanced at A-level. The guide also makes use of a 'What you should already know' and 'What you will learn' format, complete with extra guidance in the form of hints and common errors, so that you can be fully prepared for starting your course.

Towards Higher Mathematics: A Companion

Written by Richard Earl, the current director of undergraduate studies in the Mathematical Institute at University of Oxford, Towards Higher Mathematics: A Companion takes your understanding from the classroom and what you will learn at A-Level, and expands it to prepare you for further study. The material is carefully drafted to be an extension of the syllabus, while using the familiar language of sixth-form.

In addition to the graded exercises and a wealth of other online resources, the textbook also includes history and further context, ideal if you are interested in the 'why' of maths as well as having the ability to solve advanced equations.

Study A-Level Maths online

These resources are just a selection of the countless others out there. Each has its own style, so it may be worth doing your own searches or seeing what study guides are available at your local library or bookshops. If you're ready to explore taking an online A-level Maths course, and learn from your own home, get in touch with our learning advisers on 0121 630 3000, or enrol here.