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The English language is dynamic, evolving and all around us in magazines, newspapers and books. Language is both a barrier and an open door to friendship, business connections, and so much more. Whatever the reason behind your interest in learning a new language, a good grasp of both written and spoken forms will enhance the opportunities available to you.

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Accredited Courses

Unlock the world by gaining a nationally recognised qualification and adding another language to your skill set.

20% Higher

Oxbridge students achieve 20% higher grades than the national average.

Professional Development

Foster growth and learning opportunities by adding to your professional repertoire. Our courses are designed to make our students more desirable for both future and current employers.

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A-level English Language

Edexcel A-level English Language solidifies your understanding. Whether you are writing a blog, reading a film script, or analysing advertising copy, it is important that you use and understand language with its intended audience in mind.
View course X903

A-level English Literature

Tap into a wealth of inspiration and creativity with A-level English Literature. Explore classical texts and the language used to create them, and learn how to critically analyse key components.
View course X902

A-level French

A-level French is a good foundation for a variety of careers. This course aims to equip you to deal with everyday social and work situations in French-speaking countries.
View course X911

A-level Spanish

Develop the ability to write in grammatically correct Spanish, listen and understand Spanish speech, and creatively express your thoughts, ideas, and opinions in the conversation!
View course X912

IGCSE English Language

The English Language is a key asset if you're interested in any career that involves written and spoken communication and requires a comprehensive grasp of the English language.
View course X803

IGCSE French

French is the most popular second language learned in the UK, and this home study IGCSE course will teach you its fundamentals in spoken and written form
View course X811

IGCSE Spanish

Spanish has more than 400 million native speakers. An understanding of the language carries benefits for both business and social applications.
View course X810


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Can I sign up for a Student Beans account and get Student Discounts?

Yes! One of the many benefits of being an Oxbridge student is that you get access to great discounts with a Student Beans account! Eligibility criteria apply and acceptance is made at the discretion of Student Beans. Find out how to sign up.

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Are online language courses effective?

Yes, they are; we have tons of success stories from students who have gone on to achieve their goals after studying with us. So whether you want to work overseas, communicate better when you travel or even improve your cognitive performance, there are many advantages to learning a new language.

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Why invest in one of our online language courses?

Our courses are created by industry experts and taught by experienced and passionate tutors through our award-winning learning platform. You’ll gain all of the advantages of traditional education and so much more when you study with us.

Rather than learn at a specific time, place and pace of an entire class, you’re given total control when you enrol on a language course with us. You can study whenever and wherever is easiest for you, which is perfect if you’re navigating a full-time job or have family commitments that must take precedence.

Not only that, you have a whole team on hand to support you, from our learning advisers to personal tutors, who you can schedule one-to-one time with whenever you need additional help or support.

Browse through our language courses and speak to one of our learning advisers if you have any questions.

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Why study a language course?

Whether you: want to improve your understanding of the English language, require an A-level qualification in a specific language to progress on your chosen career path or, want to learn a new tongue as a hobby, taking language classes online is an effective way to learn without disrupting your lifestyle.

They say that the easiest way to learn a new language is to speak it regularly. When you enrol in one of our online language courses, you will have access to a personal tutor to help you every step of the way. You can learn to speak, read and write French or Spanish fluently at GCSE or A-level when you study with us.

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