Education is a
wonderful thing

It enriches your life, creates new opportunities, and teaches you skills to take over the world.

About Us

From growing student to glowing graduate, your journey of self-discovery should be refreshing, enlightening and fun - especially fun! That's why Oxbridge examine course design through the eyes of the learner - You! So that when you enrol, you get expert tutoring, unlimited support, and world-renowned qualifications that fulfil all your career and aspirational needs.

We have a 97% A-level pass rate, with 33% of all Oxbridge students achieving A or above


…over breakfast or during your lunch break at work

We deliver flexible solutions that work around your commitments.


…in the garden, local library or the beach

You're given complete freedom to choose where you study.


…on a phone, laptop or traditional books and pens

Our courses are designed to work in a format you're most comfortable with.


It doesn't matter how old you are, where you come from or even your previous skills or qualifications.

We can tailor a solution that ensures anyone can study with Oxbridge.

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Studying with Oxbridge

We're based in one of the UK's thriving learning quarters. From our base, we push the boundaries of education in wonderful ways to ensure our services are at the forefront. Your education is paramount, so our courses are designed to work around your lifestyle.

From the moment you enrol, you’ll receive a truly bespoke experience; the celebrity star treatment. Our curriculum manager will even send a classy, personalised welcome pack to introduce your new course. Depending on your course, you’ll have access to your course materials in a format you choose, all in one place.

We believe unlimited tutor support is something learners should have access to 24/7. So, as part of your tailored experience, we’ll provide unlimited access to your personal tutor – an expert in your subject. They’re knowledgeable university lecturers who are always ready to answer your queries. No question is too silly or difficult for our tutors, so ask away.

We’re proud of our dedicated tutor service and student support team because they redefine personal 1-to-1 distance learning experiences. So that no matter your query, our team of specialists are trained to help.

"We live by the philosophy

If we can, we will

Nothing is impossible, so ask away"

"Home learning is worth investing in because it gives time back to you"

How Learners Can Work Around Their Commitments

We know you’re busy. You’ve all kinds of commitments mapping out your life. The children you raise with care, and cherish, even when they have football practice in the pouring rain. The full-time position in the city you’re working hard at to make a living. The weekly meet with friends over coffee and cake.

Your life is unique in every way. Which is why distance learning is perfect because it works on your terms, around your commitments, around your life, and courses are adapted to your personal learning style.

You study at your own pace. Work in any location. Learn in any format or on any device (even a phone). Arrange a call with tutors when you want. Get full support when you need it. With no rigid timescales, no classrooms, no fighting for your tutors attention against 40 other students. It works around you!

Whether you’re a mum of two or working two jobs looking for an opportunity, Oxbridge puts the ball in your court, helping you get the skills you need to take your life, career and goals to the next level.

"You choose how you study for the best learning experience. No restrictions."

Why Studying with Oxbridge is Different

We work with renowned awarding bodies to offer a heightened learning experience. Gone are the days of school routines. Enter an era of flexible times, tutoring and support to gain those vital credentials at your own pace.

From your first enquiry, we provide specialist advice to identify the most relevant qualifications and skills you need to land that dream job. Then it’s a case of finding the right course and getting you setup so that you can start moulding your future. No matter your circumstances, we can make a difference.

There’s a reason our pass rates are comparable to traditional classroom-based colleges. For example, we have a 97% A-level pass rate, with 33% of all Oxbridge students achieving A or above.

Don't just listen to us, see what our other students think…

We pride ourselves on providing an experience that ensures previous students have an interesting story to tell. Look at some of our learners' experiences to gain an insight into what it's like to study with Oxbridge.

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