Education is a
wonderful thing

It enriches your life, creates new opportunities, and teaches you skills to take over the world.

About Us

Home learning should be just as fun and rewarding as it is enlightening and educational. That’s why we design our courses through the eyes of the learner, to best suit your preferences and requirements. Studying with award-winning course materials and unlimited tutor support, you’ll graduate with a fully accredited qualification that will fulfil all your career and aspirational needs.

We have a 97% A-level pass rate, with 33% of all Oxbridge students achieving A or above


…over breakfast or during your lunch break

We deliver flexible solutions that work around your commitments.


…in the garden, local library or on the beach

You're given complete freedom to choose where you study.


…on a phone, laptop or notepad

Study in the format you're most comfortable with.


It doesn't matter how old you are, where you come from or even your previous skills or qualifications.

Anyone can study with Oxbridge.

Save Money when Studying with Oxbridge

As an Oxbridge student, you can save big on your favourite brands such as Odeon, Apple and Amazon with a TOTUM Pro Student Card (the new NUS Extra)!

Benefits include:

  • Savings on 200+ UK brands:
    Pay less for good food, fashion and days out
  • Access to 42,000+ global discounts:
    Buy the things you want from around the world for less
  • A mobile app for daily deals:
    You’ll never miss out on the latest offers!

* Only available with qualifying courses. Discounts available are subject to change, companies shown below may not reflect current offers available. For all current offers visit

Studying with Oxbridge

Based in the UK but teaching students all over the world, we push the boundaries of education to ensure our services are at the forefront of distance learning. We work with renowned Awarding Bodies to secure fully accredited qualifications and have some of the best designers producing award-winning learning materials.

From your first enquiry, we provide specialist advice to identify the most relevant course for you to reach your personal or professional goals. Once enrolled, you’ll have access to your course in any format you prefer, whether that’s online or paper-based. Our dedicated team is 100% committed to helping you because we care about making a difference. There’s a reason we have a 97% pass rate and 5* Gold Trust Feefo Award.

"We live by the philosophy

If we can, we will

Nothing is impossible, so ask away"

"Home learning is worth investing in because it gives time back to you"

The Distance Learning Experience

We know you’re busy and have all kinds of commitments. That's why distance learning is designed to work on your terms, around your life, and courses are adapted to suit your personal learning style.

You can study at your own pace. Work in any location. Learn in any format on any device. Arrange a call with tutors whenever you need to chat. With no rigid timescales, no classrooms, and no fighting for your tutor’s attention, it’s personal 1-to-1 support.

Whether you’re a mum of two, working nightshifts or newly retired, Oxbridge can help you get the education and skills needed to transform your life. You’ll have unlimited tutor support from subject experts. They’re knowledgeable educators who are always ready to answer your questions and support you every step of the way.

"You choose how you study for the best learning experience.
No restrictions."

Proud Members of the Association of Distance Learning Colleges

As a member of the Association of Distance Learning Colleges, we formally comply to a Code of Ethics, which in turn, promises our learners a high standard learning experience.

We’ve pledged to ensure that the information we provide about career guidance or prospective studies is accurate, and the advice we give is in your best interest. Our membership allows us to officially uphold this promise to you.

We follow all academic guidelines to provide high-quality learning materials, alongside unlimited tutor support, to ensure your learning experience with Oxbridge is a success. As a member, we not only comply, but aim to go above and beyond these standards to empower every learner to transform their lives through distance education.

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We pride ourselves on providing an experience that ensures previous students have an interesting story to tell. Look at some of our learners' experiences to gain an insight into what it's like to study with Oxbridge.

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