Safe Handling of Medicines Level 2

Did you know: Around 1 in 20 prescriptions contain an error? More than 1 in 7 British adults admit to buying medicines online because they think they are getting cheaper drugs and faster delivery? Around 4-5% of hospital admissions are due to problems caused by the incorrect use of medicines?

Safe handling of medicines is crucial; this is an estimated cost of £466 million a year to the NHS in England? Only a quarter of parents know which children medicines contain paracetamol?

The NHS spent more than £13 billion on medicines in 2012 and experts believe that more than 50% of all medicines are prescribed, dispensed or sold inappropriately every single year. Furthermore, half of all patients in the UK fail to take their medicines correctly.

This course is ideal for a vast array of people and businesses, It is ideal for those who are already employed in a health and social care context, or those who wish to study the course as part of their own continuous professional development or for those who wish to improve their understanding to increase their opportunities of finding work.

The aim of this course is to develop the learner’s understanding of the different types of medication, and the requirements for the safe handling, storage and disposal of them. You may wish to access this training with a view to progress on to further qualifications or study this course to complement other programmes.

On this course you will:

  • Develop your knowledge of the safe handling of medicines
  • Be introduced to the various medicines you are likely to encounter in a work environment
  • Cover how medication is supplied and administered and the possible side effects
  • Procedures for obtaining, storing and disposing of medicines and the legislation surrounding these three areas
  • Learn about the importance of the audit process and issues surrounding responsibility, accountability and confidentiality.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Up-skill staff members
  • Increase teamwork and morale as staff become more aware of how to communicate effectively and support colleagues
  • The course offer can be used as a staff benefit or as part of a development scheme
  • Increase the health, safety and security in the workplace as the course covers this.

Benefits for people

  • Enhance both personal skills and professional development
  • Courses are delivered as distance learning, learn at your convenience
  • Personal tutors are assigned to ensure learners have the support needed
  • Add something different and worthwhile and relevant to your CV

“i work in a small Doctors practice and started this course as it is pertinent to my job. I found it interesting and got great support and feedback from my tutors. I am hoping to get the job of Reception Manager when the current manager goes on Maternity leave, it was her that advised me to do something extra.”

Sarah Kearney

“I work in a pharmacy and have recently qualified as a HCA, im doing this course to further enhance my career and give me more options down the line.”

Sarah Penman

“Very informative, some obvious elements, but some you don’t think of. Completed this course in less time than stated. ”

Alan Burrows

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