Mental Health Awareness Level 2 NCFE CACHE

Whether you are an experienced health care worker or new to the industry, this Mental Health Awareness Level 2 qualification will assist you with your personal development. This fully recognised qualification is designed for a broad spectrum of health care workers who would benefit from a greater understanding of Mental Health Awareness issues. This course covers topics such as understanding mental health, stress, phobias, anxiety, eating disorders, post-natal depression and schizophrenia among others – all conditions labelled under the topic mental health.

Did you know: Mental illness affects more people every year than cancer or heart disease – one in four of us in the UK will be affected by a mental health problem in any given year. Mental ill health is also the single biggest cause of lost days at work in the UK, and a significant factor in the majority of suicides. This course will give knowledge of a range of different mental health issues, covering causes of the issues as well as how mental health problems can be managed and treat you to build achievements in a way which is appropriate and meaningful. This qualification is relevant for learners from almost any employment sector and aims to develop your understanding and appreciation of a wide range of mental health conditions.

This course has been specifically designed to be studied via Distance Learning it is the ideal way to gain a qualification without having the worry of trying to fit your studies around your everyday life. Your own time, your own pace with all the support you need.

On this course you will:

  • Raise awareness of mental health and the wide range of mental health conditions – issues that are increasingly prevalent in today’s society
  • Develop an awareness of the signs and symptoms of these conditions and how they may affect people’s day-to-day lives
  • Gain an insight into how these conditions can be successfully managed.

“I was able to pick a time weekly, that was convenient to study with as little disruption to my own working day and family commitments. Thanks Oxbridge!”

M. T. Kelly

“This course was very informative,easy to understand and navigate. Great that you have the choice to stop and start and continue where you left off. ”


“quick to mark my assignments and to give me guidance when needed - much appreciated.”

Steven Field

“Thank you to my tutor for helping me through the Mental Health Awareness L2 course. I have really enjoyed it and have re-awoken my desire for learning. ”

Heidi Chung

“This course was at a great price and after speaking with one of the student advisor's i knew this was the college for me. ”

Chris Neville

“The tutor has been very helpful and has marked each submission very swiftly.”

Lee Potter

“Enrolled on this course to try and help me understand depression and anxiety more - personal reasons. great advisor, knowledgeable and professional. ”

S. Hill

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