There has never been greater focus or emphasis on the importance of mental health and wellbeing. As the science and theory underpinning emotional welfare develops, more and more of us are understanding how critical it is to take up the opportunities to work on our mental health and nurture our personal relationships.

This makes it an absolutely critical time for the counselling profession to ensure it is well staffed with empathetic, conscientious and skilled professionals who will diligently work to help individuals manage their emotional welfare. If this sounds like you, training to counsel individuals, couples or groups could be the start of an incredibly inspiring career. A skilled counsellor can become a truly vital support for vulnerable people, enabling them to work through trauma and past issues, making this profession as rewarding as it is valued.

There are many different disciplines within counselling, including Counselling for Children, Substance Misuse and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Specialist distance learning courses in these disciplines can equip you with the skills and expertise to help people who are struggling with incredibly difficult situations. What’s more, many of our courses are nationally recognised and accredited by NCFE CACHE.