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Life’s not about the 9-5, and neither is education. Yet, so many of us attribute learning purely as a way to upskill, earn more money by moving up the career ladder or retrain for a new career entirely. But education should be a gateway for you to challenge yourself, learn new things and enjoy yourself while doing it.

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Archaeology Level 3

An online archaeology course will teach you about human activity in the past, from the earliest humans to the present day. It is a wide-ranging discipline that covers everything from the study of ancient buildings and artefacts to the analysis of environmental data.

View course X358

Garden Design Level 3 Diploma

Grow your gardening, landscaping and horticultural skills by learning the key elements of garden design.

View course X332

Genealogy Diploma

Discover your origins, research your history of your family tree and trace your ancestry – or do so for your clients.

View course X317

Mindfulness Level 3

Our Mindfulness course helps you focus on the present and learn of how your body, thoughts and feelings are connected.
View course X337

Zoology Level 3

Delve into the science of biodiversity and discover how you can help to protect and preserve life on Earth with our level 3 zoology course

View course X354


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What are personal interest courses?

Personal interest courses are topics you study not necessarily to gain a qualification (although some of these courses are certified) but more to expand your knowledge, challenge yourself and help you take up a new hobby.

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn but never felt as though you had the time or even knew where to start, we have a range of interesting courses for you to sink your teeth into.

From genealogy to garden design, these varied courses are tailored to the bold and the curious.

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How does studying a personal Interest course online work?

Your free time is precious, and as such, when you opt for a personal interest course, you should leave each study session feeling invigorated. That’s one of the reasons why an online approach complements this so well.

You have complete control over when and for how long you study, making the entire thing more fun rather than a burden to get through.

In addition, with 24-hour access and the ability to schedule one-to-ones with your personal tutor, you get so much more out of an online course compared to more traditional methods of study.

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Why study a personal interest course with Oxbridge?

Our entire mission objective is to change the world’s views of education and provide opportunities for everybody to learn regardless of their educational experiences and background.

Yes, education is essential for getting the most out of your career, but it’s also a way to feel more fulfilled in your personal life. For example, a mindfulness course can help you tackle the stresses of work more effectively, but it can also help you stop and better appreciate the things around you.

All of our courses are available through our award-winning learning platform. Industry experts put the content together specifically for us, so even though you’re learning for pleasure, that quality of learning will be extremely high.

This platform and all of your course materials are available 24 hours a day, so you can study when it suits you, just like you should when it comes to personal interest courses.

If you’d like more information about any of our courses or have any questions, please get in touch with one of our learning advisers.

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