AQA are an independent education charity and the largest provider of academic qualifications taught in schools and colleges. They set and mark the papers for around half of all GCSEs and A-levels taken in the UK each year. You are in excellent and experienced hands when enrolling on an AQA examination course.

What Does AQA Stand For?

AQA stands for the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance, and has been named as such for over 25 years.  AQA has foundations in five universities, with over a century of qualifications expertise. 

Today, they employ more than 1,000 people and work with around 25,000 teachers, lecturers, subject experts and academics.  AQA is an independent education charity, meaning that their income is invested back into their charitable activities. The cutting edge research and charitable projects supported by AQA help numerous young people to realise their full education potential.

The History of AQA

The AQA have appeared in UK education history since the early 1900s, and have been known by a few different names.

In 1903, Manchester, Leeds & Liverpool universities created the Joint Matriculation Board (JMB) to become public exam providers.  This was the first iteration of an examination board.

By 1953, the Associated Examining Board (AEB) was established to provide the new General Certificate of Education (GCE) to all secondary schools.   In 1992, the JMB merged with the Northern Examining Association to form the Northern Examinations and Assessment Board (NEAB), and in April 2000 a merger with the AEB created the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance, the largest exam board in England. Today this is known as AQA.

Where Are AQA Qualifications Recognised?

The AQA qualifications are internationally recognised and taught in 30 countries around the world.  They’re highly valued by employers and universities and enable young people to progress to the next stage of their lives. 

AQA qualifications suit a range of abilities and include GCSEs, IGCSEs and A-levels.  AQA examinations are the entry point for many careers and often springboard pupils to higher education courses.  The courses can be taken online via distance learning providers such as ourselves, making them more accessible than ever.

What Distance Learning Courses Provide AQA Qualifications?