Event Management

Events and weddings usually require multiple teams to come together, including several external suppliers. That’s where event managers come in. If you’re detail-oriented, love organisation, aren’t scared of multitasking and get a thrill every time you see an event go off without a hitch, then you’ve found your calling – you’re destined to be an events manager.

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Exciting Career Prospects

Whether you’re looking to host premiers, exhibitions or plan a weeding, entering the thrilling world of events management means you will enjoy an exciting and varied career.

No Experience Needed

Entry-level courses are available, providing the perfect steppingstone into your dream.

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Oxbridge students achieve 20% higher grades than the national average.


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Why study event management courses with Oxbridge?

As a trusted and experienced distance learning provider, when you enrol on an online course with us, you will have access to award-winning learning materials and expert tutor support every step of the way. You’ll receive the same level of teaching and learning as you’d expect from traditional education, only now you’ll be in the driving seat, with complete control over your future.

Our high pass rates are a testament to the standard of education we provide. Enrolling is quick, straightforward, and the first step toward your new career. Whether you want to set up your own business or become a high-flying events manager at a large company, we’ll help make your dreams come true.

Is event planning a fun career?

While everyone’s different, it’s safe to say that event planning is definitely a fun career! No two days are ever the same, and there are few things more satisfying than watching an event you’ve planned run without a hitch and seeing the attendees having a fantastic time. It makes sense then that event planners consistently rate themselves as being happy in their careers.

What do event planners earn?

Typical entry-level event planner roles start at around £20,000 a year. Once you gain a little more experience you can expect to earn £22,000 to £25,000, while salaries for event manager roles go up to £40,000.

It’s not unusual however for event planners to work as freelancers, or to launch their own companies, at which point the sky’s pretty much the limit when it comes to your earning potential!

Which course is best for event management?

We always recommend our Event Management Level 3 course for students who want an all-rounded education so that they can leap right into their new careers.

After you’ve dabbled in the industry and managed enough events to know what sector you prefer to work in, you can always invest in further study and specialise in a specific area of planning, like wedding planning, for example.

How to get into event planning

If you aspire to become a fully-fledged event planner but don’t have the time or want the hassle of going ‘back to school’, then a distance learning events management course may be the best option for you.

Study at your own time and pace to get armed with all the practical skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed. And because you can study from home in your spare time, it’s possible to work towards a new career while juggling the demands of day-to-day life.

What does an event planner do?

There’s a lot more to event management than you might imagine. Whether it’s weddings, sports or corporate conferences, a tremendous amount of work goes into planning events and making sure they go off without a hitch.

An event planner’s exact role will vary depending on the industry they are operating in. Essentially, they are responsible for the organising and execution of a variety of functions. There may also be a requirement to manage a team of people and third-party companies to ensure all events are a roaring success.

Be prepared for the unexpected, keep your cool, and you’ll be a successful, highly sought-after event manager.

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I have just completed the CACHE Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 3 and I am so pleased I chose Oxbridge for this journey. They have been competent from the start and have a very slick process in place in terms of communication with students. The tutor assigned to me was Matthew England and he has been fantastic throughout the course. Assignments were critiqued fairly and any feedback was constructive and helpful. Matthew always responded to questions asked or assignments submitted in a timely manner which was welcomed. I would certainly recommend Oxbridge to anyone looking to learn remotely as they provide a great support structure and you don't feel alone in your studies. I hope to use them again in the future as I venture into my new career as a Teaching Assistant.
Sarah was very helpful and answered all…
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Sarah was very helpful and answered all my questions thoroughly. I'm now looking forward to my call back tomorrow to enrol on a course.
I did 3 a levels and 2 functional…
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I did 3 a levels and 2 functional skills courses with this college over a 2 year period. Excellent from start to finish. My alevel results were as expected and my tutors (all 5) were pleasant, professional and dedicated to seeing me succeed. They didn’t just provide answers they helped me learn how to learn and form my own views and showed me how to display them correctly. My functional skills courses were shorter but equally as well run as my others. I did get my results just before lockdown, I think I was one of the lady to have taken the exams. The people in the exam centre were lovely and had a great selection of teas and coffee! Thank you for letting me put the mistakes of my youth behind me. Thank you for the guidance in my very first calls and the great service throughout. I’m delighted to say I have secured my place at university and will do my very best through this new course and chapter in my life.
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5 Star Support ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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I would highly recommend Oxbridge home learning to anyone. The staff are friendly and professional and respond quickly to concerns when needed. I am a mature student and was anxious about studying again but have found the course interesting and fun and have had great support and guidance. Thank you to Stacey for all your help, you went the extra mile and we’re so kind and helpful.
Fantastic customer service
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I am extremely interested in persuing a career within the Criminolgy sector. I saw a course advertised online which I thought would be ideal to help in furthering my education. However, when I enquired about it further, the gentleman on the phone advised me that this course would not be useful to me. This was because it was more of an detailed insight into forensics and not a pathway into University. I felt a bit deflated but I appreciated the fact that he was honest rather than take money from me for a course he knew wouldn't help me. To my surprise he stayed on the line and took time out to go through other potential options such as an HND and looking at public services. He then emailed me all the links and told me if I ever needed any further help to give him a call. This, I thought was excellent service despite my not enrolling. The gentleman's name was Travis and he truly is a fountain of knowledge. He's polite, professional, charming and a credit to Oxbridge! Thanks again Travis for giving me some hope, all the best.
Absoutely outstanding college
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Absoutely outstanding college! Always knew what to do even in times when everyone was so unsure. I am very grateful. I enrolled onto 5 GCSE's , I got my results through my tutors and i was over the moon with them. I have just re-enrolled onto 3 a-levels so i can persue my ambition to be a bio-medical scientist. Once again i was talked through every details of all 3 a-levels, loads of information given about how to and where to book exams and costs. This was even offered to be split payments for me too , and this is something i went with as i wont notice the fees so much monthly. Yes, i could have gone to college but college doesnt suit my needs at the moment. My tutor support on my GCSES was AMAZING, never left waiting for long for questions or for marking. Even when my tutor/s were on holiday there was someone there to cover and there is no half terms or 6 weeks summer holidays that you have to plan for. I had quite a few phone calls, mainly just to get clarity on a few units, and i had a few zoom calls which were great - so easy. Thank you Oxbridge and specifically my tutors, James, Ollie, Sarah and May. I hope to get you at a-level if possible. And thank you to my advisor for helping me out in every aspect. Love you guys.
Jenny, an amazing counselling tutor.
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I have just completed my level two counselling qualification. My tutor, Jenny Preston. Has been an amazing tutor, and I couldn't of asked for more support if I tried too, she was on hand around the clock whenever you needed her. She's an asset to Oxbridge Home Learning, and her advice and support is everything you could ever of asked for in a tutor. Jenny has a heart of gold, and is very sociable and this pushed my motivation forward. Jenny has been fantastic, and has made my experience of Oxbridge very bright. Thank you for everything from myself, and your other students!
Sarah was very helpful and made the…
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Sarah was very helpful and made the enrolment onto my A level course very straight forward- a pleasure.
A dream come true
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I have always wanted to be a teacher but time got away with me and I found that I was 32 before I knew it, had 2 children, and not enough job security or finance to give up my work and go to college, not to mention not having the time. Oxbridge made this possible for me. It has taken 17 months for me to complete my course but I am so pleased with that as it isn’t easy studying, working and being a mum. The course was very thorough and at times I thought my tutor was needing to much from me – but she stood me in good stead for passing the course so I am really grateful for all she did. I am now a few steps closer to achieving my goal. The site is very easy to navigate around which is one of the reasons I chose Oxbridge. I enrolled online and the process was very smooth, I opted to pay in instalments, that was sorted out very quickly and within 24 hours I had my logins to the course I had chosen. The online portal was good, I was worried about this as I am a visual person, but it was interactive, colourful, and not just reems of text on paper or a screen, which is something else I was worried about! I have just received my certificate Hurray! I am sorry about calling I know you got them to me as quickly as possible and I am very thankful to Heather and Katie for keeping me informed and not losing patience with me and for sending the certificate to me so swiftly in such a difficult time. Very efficient, always quick to respond and an absolute pleasure to deal with such lovely people throughout. Thank you for all your help and support, it has been a very positive experience and I would most definitely recommend.
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