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Increasing awareness of how diet and nutrition affect people's health has caused the nutrition industry to boom. If you’re interested in food, health and fitness, there’s never been a better time to take a diet and nutrition course and pave the way towards an exciting and highly relevant career.

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More about Diet & Nutrition courses

Lots of people enjoy eating well and staying healthy, while others find dieting and fitness a struggle. And that’s who you’ll be helping if you choose a career as a dietitian, nutritionist or health coach – putting your extensive knowledge towards advising people on how to lead healthier, happier lives.


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Why study an online diet and nutrition course with Oxbridge?

Oxbridge provides the same experience you would expect from a classroom environment without strict adherence to timetables and schedules. You can work in your own time and at your own pace to ensure you gain the most from your education.

Our courses offer an engaging way to learn more about food and nutrition. So whether you’re already practising and keen to progress or want to know more to help those around you with a new and rewarding career in nutrition, we have a course for you.

When you enrol with us, you can relax knowing that excellent advice and support is on hand whenever you need it. Our high pass rate showcases the dedication and pride we take in our online courses.

What does a nutritionist earn?

The average starting salary for a nutritionist in the UK is around £25,000. More experienced nutritionists can expect to earn in excess of £30,000, with some nutritionists earning as high as £55,000

What does a nutritionist do?

Nutritionists work with the public in a variety of settings in order to provide evidence-based information for the management of dietary complaints or to promote a generally healthy lifestyle and improved relationship with food.

A career as a nutritionist is both interesting and rewarding. For those that choose to become self-employed nutritionists, it can also offer a lot of flexibility.

Where can a qualification in nutrition take me?

Studying nutrition in the UK can open many doors. Upon completion of an accredited online nutrition course many students naturally find work as a nutritionist. However, alternatively you may choose to work in animal nutrition, food technology, and even become a naturopath.

Nutrition courses can also be helpful to those wishing to become (or level up their knowledge for their role as) a chef or catering manager, or a personal trainer. It can also act as the first step towards becoming a qualified dietitian.

Why study nutrition online?

There is no set pathway into nutrition, but perhaps the swiftest, most flexible route involves online study. Rather than be constrained by rigid time frames and deadlines, accredited online nutrition courses can be undertaken at your own time and pace, working around your current schedule.

If you complete our level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health, you can use your accreditation to apply for nutrition-related roles. You could even take on additional training, perhaps specialising in a specific area like child nutrition, or you could start a career as a health coach or personal trainer.

What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

The greatest differences between dietitians and nutritionists are:

  • Dietitians must legally be registered with the British Dietetic Association. Nutritionists can register with the Association for Nutrition, but this is voluntary only.
  • Dietitians can work with hospitalised patients or those who are ill, whereas nutritionists cannot offer assistance to those with diagnosed medical conditions.
  • Dieticians must be educated to a degree level, whereas this is not the case for nutritionists.

Whether you want to test the waters with a qualification in nutrition, gain experience before working towards becoming a dietitian or want to help people live better, healthier and happier lives as soon as possible, our accredited nutrition courses can get you started.

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Oxbridge Sets New Industry Standards
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I was browsing online courses for A-Level French to complement my Degree in Business & German to progress with my PGCE in 2023 to teach Secondary School Modern Languages. When I came across Oxbridge I was impressed with the Website and course offerings. Ellie, one of the Learning Advisors reached out to me after I had completed my research to ask if I had found what I was looking for and if she could assist any further. I was delighted that Ellie had been pro-active and considerate about this as I was in a bit of a muddle which courses to take and with which establishment. Ellie exceeded all expectations in her knowledge, guidance and advice on my personal educational requirements. It was an absolute delight and a pleasure to have Ellie work with me over the past week to tailor and establish a sound path for me to embark on. Ellie demonstrated outstanding communication, organisational and listening skills with a warmth and friendliness, setting new standards in caring for and counselling new students in to Oxbridge. As a result of Ellie’s exemplary personality and rapport, combined with the aforementioned qualities, I’m delighted to be enrolled for the Level 5 Diploma in Education & Training with A-Level French. Ellie is an absolute asset to Oxbridge! Works hard on the frontline with passion, precision and dedication. I can only foresee Ellie progress very quickly through her career aspirations and wish Ellie the very best. Well done Ellie! Thank you for all your help. Hat off and take a bow! Martin (CIPD; BA Hons)
Sophia B, thank you.
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I have just completed my childcare and education level 3 course, and have enjoyed every minute of it. My tutor Sophia B was amazing, so helpful and very quick at responding to any questions I asked. Thoroughly enjoyed. Even thinking about doing another course already 😃 thank you Sophia for all your help.
Absoutely outstanding college
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Absoutely outstanding college! Always knew what to do even in times when everyone was so unsure. I am very grateful. I enrolled onto 5 GCSE's , I got my results through my tutors and i was over the moon with them. I have just re-enrolled onto 3 a-levels so i can persue my ambition to be a bio-medical scientist. Once again i was talked through every details of all 3 a-levels, loads of information given about how to and where to book exams and costs. This was even offered to be split payments for me too , and this is something i went with as i wont notice the fees so much monthly. Yes, i could have gone to college but college doesnt suit my needs at the moment. My tutor support on my GCSES was AMAZING, never left waiting for long for questions or for marking. Even when my tutor/s were on holiday there was someone there to cover and there is no half terms or 6 weeks summer holidays that you have to plan for. I had quite a few phone calls, mainly just to get clarity on a few units, and i had a few zoom calls which were great - so easy. Thank you Oxbridge and specifically my tutors, James, Ollie, Sarah and May. I hope to get you at a-level if possible. And thank you to my advisor for helping me out in every aspect. Love you guys.
Entire Process Review - from sign up to certification!
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I have waited till I received my certificate to finally review my experience of Oxbridge. I studied the Level 4 in Counselling Skills which had it's name changed to just Advanced Counselling Skills mid way. To me this should have been communicated out to me and anyone else studying as a matter of principle because it did initially cause me some confusion despite me being reassured that it is a Level 4 still. There are mainly positives here though. Dr Sandie Bowman was fantastic as a tutor, fair, challenging and supportive. The sign up process was easy too and the content useful and interesting although there are some grammar errors. There are some elements of it that were harder than others - for me, recording myself doing a mock session with a "willing" volunteer was challenging but overall rewarding. The word counts are deliberately challenging too and get you to squeeze as much information out into succinct paragraphs as possible. I was allowed to make my own points and have my own evidenced based opinions that also challenge some of the notions of counselling too. This was particularly refreshing. Being that it is a NCFE customised qualification - you can expect a somewhat steep learning curve, but ultimately achievable and affordable certificate. Despite some small issues with the name change - my emails were responded to promptly and I confirm they are a legit organisation of a high quality. With this in mind, I have given them 5 stars although I would say it would be 4.5 out of 5 if the option existed. I would happily study with them again and look forward to doing so at some point. Thank you to everyone at Oxbridge including Jake and Dr Sandy Bowman. Josh
Allison B
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Allison B. has been wonderful support and has promptly marked all my work and quickly answered any of my queries. I am pleased that I was able to complete Level 3 Early Years Educator so quickly. Many thanks! Would recommend it to anyone!
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Oxbridge rock!
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Signed up for a course with Oxbridge. The support from my tutor Niki is invaluable. She is caring , prompt and so helpful. Means I will get the best result possible on my course. The company as a whole have been professional and solved any problem quickly and pleasantly. I’d thoroughly recommend Oxbridge if you are looking to gain a qualification.
I started my course recently and I have…
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I started my course recently and I have to say that I am over the moon with the support and customer service that I have received so far! I choose Oxbridge as I really wanted to get back into education but as I have a 4 year old I knew a full time course down the traditional route just wasn’t going to be possible for me. From my initial enquiry, to my enrolment and support from my tutor i have always received 5 star service! I couldn’t be more happier and would definatly recommend them!
Sarah was very helpful and made the…
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Sarah was very helpful and made the enrolment onto my A level course very straight forward- a pleasure.
Fantastic support
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I found Oxbridge to be incredibly supportive and always available to answer any questions. As a mature student I found the app simple to navigate and the course materials were excellent in helping guide my learning. The feedback and support from my tutor was fantastic and absolutely helped me achieve an A on my recent exam. Nicky
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