NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health

Discover the key principles of nutrition – an important factor that influences your health on a daily basis.

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Are you passionate about health and wellbeing? Would you like to turn that passion into a career? Whether you fancy becoming a nutritionist, life coach or personal trainer, a naturopath, a food technologist, or working in hospitality and catering, this NCFE CACHE Level Two Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health will help get you there.

NCFE Level 2 Nutrition & Health – what you’ll learn

Studying in your own time, at your own pace, you’ll delve into the principles of healthy eating, and learn how to help others manage their weight and deal with eating disorders. You’ll gain an understanding of special dietary requirements, examine the science of food labelling, and discover the impact that different cooking methods can have on the nutritional value of food.

This RQF course is accredited through NCFE CACHE and recognised throughout the health and nutrition industry, so employers will be assured that you really know your stuff! What are you waiting for? Make a new start and enrol on this Level 2 Nutrition & Health course today!

What you'll learn

Unit 1 - Unit 1- Exploring Principles of Healthy Eating

To begin, you’ll learn exactly what is meant by a ‘healthy diet’ and study the five food groups. You’ll also consider why a healthy diet is so important in maintaining health, and the benefit that different vitamins and minerals have to our bodies. You’ll study why fluid intake is crucial, and learn some of the indicators of inadequate hydration. Moving on, you’ll delve into the components of energy expenditure, how BMR is used, and how physical activity affects our calorific needs. Finally, you’ll take a look at healthy meal planning, and the effects of different cooking methods on the nutritional value of food.

Unit 2 - Unit 2 - Considering the Nutritional Needs of a Variety of Individuals

In the second unit, you’ll begin by considering the nutritional needs of babies, and the weaning process. You’ll move on to discover the nutritional requirements of toddlers and pre-school children, and the ideal foods that they should be eating to aid in growth and development. Next, you’ll look at the nutritional needs of school-aged children, considering factors such as dental health and weight maintenance. After that, you’ll study the nutritional requirements of teenagers, followed by adult males and females. Here, you’ll consider the diseases that adult men and women are prone to, and how a proper diet can help to prevent them. Moving on, you’ll discover the nutritional needs of the elderly, and how various vitamins and minerals can play a role in helping to prevent common health issues such as strokes. Next, you’ll consider those with specific eating requirements, such as people following a tailored diet for religious or health reasons. Finally, you’ll learn all about different diets from cultures all around the world, along with the issues faced by the general public that can prevent healthy eating.

Unit 3 - Unit 3 - Using Food and Nutrition Information to Plan a Healthy Diet

In this unit, you’ll delve into the often confusing world of nutritional information and food labelling, learning exactly what terms such a ‘rich in vitamins’ mean in reality. You’ll learn exactly how to tell if a food is high in fat, sugar, or salt, and what the new ‘colour coding’ system used by food manufacturers indicates. After that, you’ll study the food health claims made by advertisers, as well as the legislation surrounding allergy and food intolerance labelling. You’ll look at food additives such as E numbers, and the safety assessments they go through before they’re used. Lastly, you’ll study ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ dates, dispelling some common myths surrounding their actual meaning.

Unit 4 - Unit 4 - The Principles of Weight Management

In unit four, you’ll discover the risks associated with poor weight management, and the meaning of BMI and how to calculate it. You’ll learn what it actually meant by terms such as obesity, emaciation, and malnutrition, along with the symptoms and health implications of each condition. Next, you’ll study how people can achieve weight loss healthily, and dispel some common myths surrounding dieting. You’ll also consider sensitive issues such as body image and gender bias, and the role that the media plays in reinforcing the association between weight and attractiveness.

Unit 5 - Unit 5 - Understanding Eating Disorders

In this unit, you’ll study a particularly sensitive topic: eating disorders. You’ll discover what the causes and risk factors are, and the definition of conditions such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa, and their physical and behavioural signs. You’ll also consider what treatments are used, and the help and support that’s available for sufferers.

Unit 6 - Unit 6 - Principles of Food Safety for the Home Environment

Extra info

Awarding Body


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Course Outcome

At the end of this course, successful learners will receive the following qualification: NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition & Health.

This qualification comes with NCFE CACHE Level 2 certification. NCFE CACHE has been developing courses in the childcare, education and healthcare sectors since 1945 and is one of the most reputable awarding bodies for qualifications in the UK and overseas. Practitioners working in these areas are much more employable having gained NCFE CACHE certification and many employers specifically ask for their qualifications when taking on members of staff. Read more about NCFE CACHE.

How is this course assessed or examined?

This qualification is internally assessed and externally quality assured. Each unit is followed by a written assignment which will be marked by your personal tutor. You will not be required to take an external exam.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course, however, it is recommended that you have an intermediate ability to read and write English.


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Where can a qualification in nutrition take me?

Studying nutrition in the UK can open many doors. Upon completion of an accredited online nutrition course many students naturally find work as a nutritionist. However, alternatively you may choose to work in animal nutrition, food technology, and even become a naturopath.

Nutrition courses can also be helpful to those wishing to become (or level up their knowledge for their role as) a chef or catering manager, or a personal trainer. It can also act as the first step towards becoming a qualified dietitian.

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What does a nutritionist earn?

The average starting salary for a nutritionist in the UK is around £25,000. More experienced nutritionists can expect to earn in excess of £30,000, with some nutritionists earning as high as £55,000

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What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

The greatest differences between dietitians and nutritionists are:

  • Dietitians must legally be registered with the British Dietetic Association. Nutritionists can register with the Association for Nutrition, but this is voluntary only.
  • Dietitians can work with hospitalised patients or those who are ill, whereas nutritionists cannot offer assistance to those with diagnosed medical conditions.
  • Dieticians must be educated to a degree level, whereas this is not the case for nutritionists.

Whether you want to test the waters with a qualification in nutrition, gain experience before working towards becoming a dietitian or want to help people live better, healthier and happier lives as soon as possible, our accredited nutrition courses can get you started.

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What does a nutritionist do?

Nutritionists work with the public in a variety of settings in order to provide evidence-based information for the management of dietary complaints or to promote a generally healthy lifestyle and improved relationship with food.

A career as a nutritionist is both interesting and rewarding. For those that choose to become self-employed nutritionists, it can also offer a lot of flexibility.

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Why study an online diet and nutrition course with Oxbridge?

Oxbridge provides the same experience you would expect from a classroom environment without strict adherence to timetables and schedules. You can work in your own time and at your own pace to ensure you gain the most from your education.

Our courses offer an engaging way to learn more about food and nutrition. So whether you’re already practising and keen to progress or want to know more to help those around you with a new and rewarding career in nutrition, we have a course for you.

When you enrol with us, you can relax knowing that excellent advice and support is on hand whenever you need it. Our high pass rate showcases the dedication and pride we take in our online courses.

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Why study nutrition online?

There is no set pathway into nutrition, but perhaps the swiftest, most flexible route involves online study. Rather than be constrained by rigid time frames and deadlines, accredited online nutrition courses can be undertaken at your own time and pace, working around your current schedule.

If you complete our level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health, you can use your accreditation to apply for nutrition-related roles. You could even take on additional training, perhaps specialising in a specific area like child nutrition, or you could start a career as a health coach or personal trainer.

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Health care

For 10+ years, my passion for helping learners develop and grow has driven my career as a teacher. To help me progress even further, I am currently studying to achieve the IQA award. I love reading and I’m a self-professed Harry Potter fan. Talk to me about all things history, rock music, tattoos and true crime podcasts. 

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My 30-year stride in education started with childminding, to working with pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. I then tutored in a national reading programme and went on to become a Higher-Level TA. I’m elated to say I graduated with a First-Class BA Honours Degree when I was 50 – living proof that it’s never too late to chase your dreams!



Early Years

Beginning my career as an early years practitioner inspired me to step into the world of teaching. I have since elevated my skillset through a range of qualifications including L3 in Assessing Vocational Achievement, L3 in Education & Training and L4 in Internal Quality Assurance. I’m a big kid at heart; I love Disney movies and also dabble in photography.  



Counselling and Psychology

I always knew that a career focused around helping people achieve their goals was perfect for me. That’s why I became a tutor. I love to see my student’s confidence flourish as they progress through their courses. It’s important to help them fit their learning goals around their personal commitments so they have the best chance of success! 

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