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Awarding bodies

Awarding bodies, what are they?

Awarding bodies are specialist organisations that design and deliver your well-deserved qualifications, certificates, diplomas, and awards. Experts in their field, they formally recognise the quality of learning providers and centres, courses, as well as the knowledge and skills of learners studying them. Working with providers, they ensure course content, delivery and assessment remain excellent.

There are 200+ awarding bodies listed in the UK. Some specialise in specific subjects, while others specialise in types of qualifications, awards, and certificates. For example, AQA is a renowned awarding body for A-level and GCSE qualifications. However, there are awarding bodies that concentrate on vocational competence or knowledge-based units and qualifications.

The difficulty of courses ranges from Level 0 (entry level) right up to Level 8 (post-doctoral). Most of our distance learning courses are between Levels 2 4, which are the equivalent of GCSE, A-Level, and BTEC qualifications.

When Will an Awarding Bodies Send My Qualification?

Before an awarding body can issue your new certificate, you must successfully complete your studies and pass an assessment and validation process. Simply, your tutor will mark all your work, which will be sent out to an external moderator. The moderator is someone who checks your work against the learning outcomes of your course, pre-set by the awarding body. Outcomes help them identify what qualification you’ll receive when you graduate. Every student worldwide goes through this process.

Once you’ve passed your assessment, we’ll get in touch with the relevant awarding body to send your certificate. Depending on the awarding body’s availability, this can take a couple of months. However, qualifications have been sent to graduates in as little as a week. Should you require your qualification, let’s say, for a job application, we can send out a confirmation letter. This letter will have your student number and the relevant awarding body to contact to evidence your success.

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