Infection Control Level 2

There are many people working in a paid or voluntary role who may be at risk of contracting or spreading infection due to the nature of their job. Infection control is essential knowledge for all those working in any hospital, nursing and care settings.

It is also often now considered relevant for those working in other types of group settings where there may be risks of infection spreading such as prisons, schools and hostels. There are many reasons why we must try to control the spread of infection. Not least is our legal responsibility with the duty of care for our patients and clients.

The Control of Infection and Contamination Programme is designed to complement the work you carry out in the workplace by supporting your practice with underpinning knowledge, whether you are an experienced healthcare worker or new to the role.

“Not the most exciting of subject matters but the course was detailed, well structured and informative. I received good support from my tutor. Pleased to have completed this qualification. ”

Ella Carey

“who would have known there was so much to know!”

F. Riordan

“I have worked in a care environment for a long time and yet learnt so much from this course. Delighted i can put it on my CV now. ”

D. Mclean

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