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An A-level in Classical Civilisation will enable you to gain a knowledge and understanding of the classical world through the study of a diverse range of ancient literature, thought and culture. You’ll cover both social and historical contexts in order to understand the legacy of the classical world.

A-levels are the gold standard for education in the UK, recognised by universities and employers alike as a mark of significant achievement. Having an A-level demonstrates a thorough understanding of a subject, will boost your career prospects and will open up new opportunities for you. This A-Level Classical Civilisation course has been written to the latest specifications and has been designed to give you the best possible chance of success.

You’ll have everything you need to succeed, starting with a clear induction and well-structured assignments to help you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to prepare for the exam.

You will benefit from:

  • Brand new course, written to the latest specification with dynamic and engaging content
  • Fast track is available on this course (work as quickly as you like)
  • Administration and 5-day assignment marking is included
  • Access to a network of partnership exam centres (guaranteed exam venue)
  • Pro-active personal tutors we contact you, help you write a study plan and support you throughout.
  • Exam pass guarantee (If you don’t pass the first time, we’ll support you to the next exam)

An A-level in Classical Civilisation will enable you to gain a knowledge and understanding of the classical world through the study of a diverse range of ancient literature, thought and culture.

  • Exam Pass Guarantee

    If you don’t pass the first time, we’ll support you to the next exam for free

  • Guaranteed exam centre

    Access to our Country-wide network of exam centres (guaranteed exam venue)

  • Proactive tutors

    We contact you, help you write a study plan and support you throughout.

  • Awarding body: OCR
  • Our course code: A021
  • Qualification code: H408

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Study Hours

You should allow for between 250 and 300 hours’ study time | plus additional time for completing assignments.

Study Method

Our course is delivered via our online learning platform as this provides learners with a dynamic and engaging experience. Don’t worry, if you prefer, you can print the learning materials yourself. The learning resources are in a range of different media including videos, e-books, and online quizzes.

Course Duration

You will benefit from our personal tutor support for a period of up to 24 months from the date of enrolment.


All enrolments now will be for exams in Summer 2020. You’ll be required to complete the three A-level written exams.

Official exams

  • 2 hours 20 minutes, 40% of marks
  • 1 hour 45 minutes, 30% of marks
  • 1 hour 45 minutes, 30% of marks

We provide a guaranteed exam space in one of our exam centres around the Country, to take away the hassle of needing to find your own. Check where your closest exam centre is.


These do not contribute towards your final grade but provide you with an opportunity to submit work to your tutor for marking and feedback. This will help you to gauge your progress as you work through the course.

This course has:

  • 1 introductory assignment
  • 10 assignments

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this home learning course, you will receive an A-Level in Classical Civilisation, awarded by OCR. This syllabus has been chosen specifically because it is the best suited to distance learning. Your certificate is identical to that issued to students at any other school, college or university.

Additional Information

Difficulty - Level 3

Entry requirements - It is strongly recommended that you have studied English Literature to GCSE or equivalent level before starting this course.

UCAS Points - 56

Course Content

1: Homer's world of the hero: The Odyssey, 1
  • Who was Homer?
  • Beginning The Odyssey – Book 1
  • Odysseus, Calypso and Nausicaa
  • The Phaeacians
  • The missing years
2: Homer's world of the hero: The Odyssey, 2
  • Homecoming
  • A beggar at the palace
  • The battle for Penelope
  • Narrative techniques and themes
3: Virgil's world of the hero: The Aeneid, 1
  • Beginnings
  • Characters and themes
  • The fall of Troy
  • Dido
  • The Underworld
4: Virgil's world of the hero, The Aeneid, 2
  • A vision of Rome
  • War
  • Endings
  • The context of The Aeneid
  • Techniques, values and themes
5: Greek theatre: Oedipus the King
  • Ancient Greek theatre
  • Greek tragedy
  • Sophocles’ Oedipus
  • Events and characters
  • Themes in Oedipus
6: The theatre of Dionysus: Bacchae
  • Bacchae: The plot
  • Bacchae: Close reading
  • Character and Bacchism
  • Themes
7: Old comedy: Frogs
  • Old Comedy
  • Frogs: Close reading 1
  • Frogs: Close reading 2
8: The Greeks and their gods
  • The Olympian gods
  • Cults and oracles
  • Religion and society
9: Sanctuaries, ritual and philosophy
  • The Athenian Acropolis
  • Delphi and Olympia
  • Rituals and priests
  • Religion and philosophy
10: Sanctuary sites: Acropolis, Delphi and Olympia

We’re working hard on finalising the content for this module. The module title is confirmed and you would expect to study this section within your second year of study.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have some answers to common student questions, but if you can't find the answer you're looking for then please contact us and we will do everything we can to answer your questions.

Yes. There is one additional fee of £370, which covers the costs of all your exams for this subject. Your personal tutor can provide more details. There are additional texts you will be expected to read: (1) OCR Classical Civilisation AS and A Level Components 21 and 22, R Hancock, J Renshaw and L Swift, Bloomsbury Academic 2017. (2) OCR Classical Civilisation A Level Components 31 and 34, A Mitropoulos, T Morrison, J Renshaw and J Steinhauer, Bloomsbury Academic 2017. (3) The Odyssey, Homer (EV Rieu, D Rieu and P Jones), Penguin Classics 2003. (4) The Aeneid, Virgil (D West), Penguin Classics 2003. (4) The Three Theban Plays: 'Antigone', 'Oedipus the King', 'Oedipus at Colonus', Sophocles (R Fagles), Penguin Classics 1984. (5) Bacchae, Euripides (D Franklin), Cambridge University Press 2000. (6) Frogs, Aristophanes (J Affleck, C Letchford and J Harrison), Cambridge University Press 2014.

Yes! You study the same curriculum, take the same examinations and get the same qualification. The only difference is that the course is specially designed to be studied from home in your own time.

You will have access to your personal tutor, via email, who will mark your assignments and guide you through the course to help you get ready for your examinations. In addition, you will be supplied with a comprehensive Study Guide which will help you through the study and assessment process. Assignments are marked by your personal tutor within 5 days. Your personal tutor will be highly experienced in their subject area and qualified to teach.

You will need to pay separately for your final examinations. Additional texts may also need to be purchased to supplement your learning on the course.

We are able to offer places at partnership exam centres across the UK for our students, therefore, guaranteeing an exam venue. If you choose to find your own exam centre, you can, you will need to register with them as an external or private candidate. Fees vary across the country so we recommend enquiring prior to enrolment.

That’s fine, this course can be studied anywhere and is completed by submitting Tutor marked assignments (TMAs).

Please check our FAQs section or Contact Us, we are happy to answer any questions you have.