What is unlimited tutor support?

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Whether it's a little help with completing your assignment or simply a friendly chat to calm some pre-exam nerves, with unlimited tutor support, there's no stupid questions, and nothing is too much trouble. And, because you're not competing for attention in a packed classroom, you know you'll receive one-to-one attention, and your questions will be answered thoroughly.

Still not satisfied? Ask another question! It's unlimited, after all. Contact your tutor as little or as much as you need - they'll support you from the moment you enrol, to when you receive your certificate, and beyond.

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How do I contact my tutor?

We're all about flexibility

That's why we'll let you call the shots when it comes to how you speak with your tutor. You can decide between:

Not only does this give you the time to explore a topic fully, you can also have fun and make a friend along the way!

It's fully interactive, and allows you to receive feedback on your assignments and exchange messages with your tutor.

This an ideal option if you aren't a fan of phone calls, and your query will be treated as a priority and answered within 48 hours.

What our students say

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“Oxbridge made the whole process of studying much more relaxing, mainly because I didn’t feel any pressure to meet deadlines. I feel like my Oxbridge experience was totally tailored to my requirements, so when I completed work, it was on my terms and felt like my own achievement.”

Oxbridge student Mia Blackmore

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