A-level Environmental Science

AQA A-level Environmental Science opens the door to learning about our world and the species we share it with.
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A-level Environmental Science online course

Unveil the fascinating world around you with our AQA Environmental Science online course. This course follows the AQA 7447 syllabus used in schools and colleges and recognised by universities.

Imagine delving into the intricate tapestry of our planet’s ecosystem, where every living being plays a crucial role. Curious to unlock the secrets of the species that share our incredible home?

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the realm of Environmental Science A Level. Ignite your passion for the science that shapes our environment and empowers our future. This isn’t just a course – it’s your ticket to understanding the very essence of life on Earth.

But this journey isn’t just about knowledge – it’s about transformation. As you journey through this course, you’ll cultivate skills in high demand across a spectrum of environmental professions. From aspiring ecologists to future sustainability leaders, this course equips you to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Beyond the classroom, your newfound understanding will guide you to a realm of boundless possibilities. Seize the chance to forge a career that aligns with your passions – a career that lets you shape a world where harmony between humans and nature is not just a dream but a reality.

Unleash your potential. Enrol today in the Environmental Science A-level course and be a part of the movement that’s transforming our planet’s future. Your journey starts now!


What you will learn

  1. Unit 1 - The living environment

    • Atmosphere
    • Insolation
    • Position in the solar system
    • Orbital behaviour
    • Magnetosphere
    • Oxygen production
    • Ozone layer
    • Carbon sequestration
    • Biogeochemical cycles
    • Methods of conserving biodiversity
    • Captive breeding and release programmes
    • Ecological monitoring
    • Abiotic and biotic factors
  2. Unit 2 - The physical environment

    • Global climate change
    • Difficulties monitoring and predicting climate change
    • Ozone depletion
    • Sustainable management strategies
    • Mineral supplies
    • The carbon cycle and human influences
    • The nitrogen cycle and human influences
    • The phosphorous cycle and human influences
    • Soil degradation and erosion
    • Soil management strategies
  3. Unit 3 - Energy resources

    • Strategies to secure future energy supplies
    • The importance of energy supplies in the development of society
    • Features of energy resources
    • New energy conservation technologies
    • Building energy conservation
    • Industrial energy conservation
    • Environmental factors that affect rates of degradation
  4. Unit 4 - Pollution

    • The properties of pollutants
    • Environmental factors that affect rates of degradation
    • Strategies to control pollutants
    • Hydrocarbons
    • Carbon monoxide
    • Thermal pollution
    • Oil pollution
    • Pesticides
    • Nutrient Pollution
    • Organic nutrient pollutants
    • Noise
    • Developing new pollution control technologies
  5. Unit 5 - Biological resources

    • Agriculture
    • Strategies to increase the sustainability of agriculture
    • Marine Productivity
    • Fishing
    • Aquaculture
    • Forest resources
    • Deforestation
  6. Unit 6 - Sustainability

    • Dynamic equilibria
    • Natural Energy Processes
    • Carbon footprints and sustainable development
    • The circular economy
  7. Unit 7 - Research Methods

    • Sampling techniques
    • Fieldwork and laboratory activities
    • Specialist techniques

Awarding Body


AQA qualifications are internationally recognised and taught in 30 countries around the world, highly valued by employers and universities and enable young people to progress to the next stage of their lives. AQA qualifications suit a range of abilities and include GCSE coursesIGCSE courses and A-level courses.

Recognised through UCAS


ucas registered centre

This course carries UCAS points. This means that it can be used to gain direct access to University courses and other Higher Education, through the UCAS system.

Course Outcome

On this qualification, you will:

  • Embark on an exhilarating qualification that will take you through the thrilling labyrinth of the environment! Get ready to:
  • Unravel the intricate web of connections between various environmental events and cycles, unveiling their mesmerizing interplay.
  • Dive into the realm of human influence on these natural phenomena, discovering potent strategies that can curtail the challenges they pose.
  • Acquire a profound and enlightened understanding of the environment, immersing yourself in the captivating scientific mechanisms that drive it.
  • Equip yourself with an invaluable foundation that opens doors to endless educational pursuits and positions you perfectly for a dynamic array of career paths.
  • Step into a realm where knowledge transforms into empowerment and exploration leads to boundless opportunities. Your journey to environmental mastery begins now!

How is this course assessed or examined?

You will be required to complete two, three-hour written exams, consisting of 120 marks, each worth 50% of your A-level.

Entry requirements

A GCSE or equivalent in science is required for this course.

Degrees that this subject can lead to

Embarking on the captivating journey of A-Level Environmental Science opens doors to a myriad of exciting degree possibilities. Your success in this course lays the foundation for a remarkable academic voyage, leading you to fields such as:

  • Environmental Science: Venture deeper into the world of environmental dynamics, unravelling its mysteries and championing its preservation.
  • Ecology: Immerse yourself in the intricate relationships between organisms and their environments, uncovering the delicate balance that sustains life.
  • Microbiology: Dive into the microscopic realm, exploring the unseen forces that shape our world and drive crucial processes.
  • Law: Forge a path in environmental law, wielding your knowledge to uphold justice and advocate for our planet’s well-being.
  • Geography: Discover the intricate tapestry of our world’s landscapes, delving into its physical, social, and cultural dimensions.
  • Conservation: Become a guardian of nature’s treasures, learning to protect and restore biodiversity for generations to come.

As you journey through the captivating realm of A-Level Environmental Science, envision the array of degrees that await your expertise. Embrace the boundless opportunities that lie ahead, and let your passion for the environment guide you towards a future where your impact knows no bounds. Your academic odyssey starts here!

Future career options

Beyond the hypothetical corridors of Oxbridge, your A-Level Environmental Science journey unfurls a tapestry of electrifying career prospects. Picture yourself shaping the world’s destiny, armed with the prowess of a top-tier education and a passion for environmental stewardship.

  • Environmental Visionaries: Become a trailblazing environmental specialist, devising innovative strategies to safeguard our planet’s fragile balance.
  • Land Regenerators: Transform wastelands into thriving ecosystems as a landfill engineer, harnessing your expertise to breathe new life into forgotten landscapes.
  • Eco Champions: Rise as an environmental practitioner, leading the charge to weave sustainability into the fabric of industries and communities.
  • Nuclear Guardians: Take on the monumental task of nuclear waste management, ensuring the safe and responsible handling of humanity’s most potent remnants.
  • Water Explorers: Venture into the depths as a hydrogeologist, exploring the mysteries of groundwater to secure our most vital resource.
  • Earth’s Scribes: Embrace the role of a geologist, deciphering the story of our planet’s past, present, and future through its rock-solid history.

The exhilarating array of career possibilities for A-Level Environmental Science graduates from Oxbridge showcases your potential to be at the forefront of transformation. Armed with world-class education and a fervent commitment to preserving our planet, you’re poised to embark on a journey where every step propels you towards a brighter, greener future. Your legacy starts here – with Oxbridge.


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