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Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer or mobile device whenever you visit our web pages. Their aim is to enhance your online browsing and shopping experience, so when you visit our website everything runs efficiently. For example, say you add an Oxbridge course to your basket, a cookie lets us save your basket contents, ready for you to checkout while you continue browsing our site.

There are many types of cookies, but the ones we use are beneficial by remembering aspects of your browsing activity, such as cart contents and site preferences. By accepting our cookies, we’re also able to personalise your online experience and show you the most informative information. Only required and essential information is saved. You can delete cookies stored in your browser at any time.

The cookies fall into three categories:

Site Functionality Cookies

These cookies help website features to function, such as remembering things your shopping basket or log-in details. Without them some aspects of the website would not work, and your online browsing experience wouldn’t meet our high expectations.

Performance Cookies

These cookies improve website performance and create better user experiences by monitoring visitor activity. From the data they collect, we can identify problems and fix them to deliver content and information efficiently or help you find what you want more easily. Personal information is not saved with this data.

Advertising Cookies

These cookies help us present relevant content, products or courses to you based on your browsing history on our website.

They also help to track the effectiveness of ad campaigns when promoting certain products or courses on third party websites. Third party service providers will place these cookies on our site and may sometimes use demographic data, such as age and gender to better advertise to you. No sensitive data or information that identifies you is ever recorded unless we have your expressed permission.

How do We use Cookies?

In a nutshell, our cookies enhance your online browsing and shopping experience with Oxbridge by:

  • Remembering site preferences, log-in details, while offering features like live chat support.
  • Monitoring your activity to rectify problems that may arise and improve website performance.
  • Personalise your experience, so that you get exactly what you need whenever you visit us.
  • Advertise cool products and content that is relevant to you based on your searching methods.

Cookie Providers

Across our website we use a number of services to provide the best experience. Here’s a list of the services that are present on our website along with their purpose and any other information relevant to you as a visitor to our website. Depending on the purpose of the cookie it may be used site-wide or only on relevant pages.

Provider Purpose Notes
WordPress Key site functionality Allows you to login/logout of this website and keeps you authenticated (logged in) when required
WooCommerce Key site functionality Handles shopping cart functionality such as storing basket contents.
Vimeo Statistics/Performance Tracks video views and ensures optimal download of videos.
Hotjar Statistics/Performance Helps us understand how people are using the website: allows us to see whether we can improve features on the websites for the benefit of students.
Olark Chat Feature Allows you to chat to us in real-time. Makes sure you can continue your chat across different browser windows.
Facebook Statistics/Advertising Tailoring content and personalisation for site visitors.
Drip Email Marketing Personalisation of email marketing to visitors who have expressed an interest in receiving such communications.
Adroll Advertising Used to personalise content and advertising, provide social media features, and analyse visitor traffic.
Google Analytics Statistics/Performance Analyses visitor numbers and behaviour across the website. Used to monitor
Google Adwords Advertising Analyses advert performance and user interactions.
Linked In / LinkedIn Insight Remarketing Analyses advert performance and user interactions.
Webgains Partner Network Tracking interactions with partner networks.