Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools Level 2 NCFE CACHE

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2 is an entry-level course to become a Level 2 Teaching Assistant. Ideal for people with zero exposure to working in education, e.g. apprentices, new school leavers. However, if you’ve a hint of experience in working in education, then the Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools and Colleges Level 3 Certificate (RQF) (STL Level 3) is far more beneficial to your career – it’s also required to work in a school environment! A teaching assistant qualification can be beneficial when improving job prospects and gain substantial knowledge about child development. It is aimed at learners working in roles that support pupils’ learning in primary, secondary or special schools.

Please Note: You do not need to do Level 2 first. We’ve designed our STL Level 3 to incorporate all the necessary information you’ll learn on the Level 2 course, but also all the vital information you need to be job-ready upon graduation. Remember, most schools require a Level 3.

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2 provides successful students with a qualification listed on the Qualifications and Credit Framework Database. This is a competence-based qualification suitable for all roles in schools, including site staff, administrators etc as well as those who work directly with children and young people and those who require initial training or an induction to a new role. It seeks to develop the knowledge and understanding that all those working in a school setting will need and covers areas such as safeguarding, communication and understanding the school context. This Teaching Assistant course aims to enable learners to understand the roles and responsibilities of those involved in supporting teaching and learning in schools, and provides an opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required to do this effectively. This qualification is suitable for learners aged 16 and above and is also for those members of the school workforce who directly support the teaching and learning of pupils.

Students will need to arrange and undertake a work placement (or employment) in a school environment. Whilst the exact number of hours isn’t stipulated we recommend 50 hours, allowing the centre to ensure that candidates complete sufficient hours to enable development and to be able to evidence skills. After successful completion of this qualification, you will be ‘job-ready’.

On Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 2 you will:

  • Gain substantial knowledge about child development
  • Enhance your employability
  • Develop the knowledge and skills required to provide effective support as a teaching assistant
  • Learn how to support the Teacher and the delivery of curriculum within a school
  • Developing skills to help children and young people to develop self-esteem, independence and skills for learning

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for your home study course I have just completed. I found the course provided me with new skills and would definitely use them again thank you very much. ”


“Friendly and knowledgeable tutor from this college. I would highly recommend.”


“this course was very informative, the lay out was great and enjoyed doing it. I did have a couple of questions but i contacted my tutor who was very knowledgable and supportive and answered my questions straight away. Very pleased. Would recommend. ”


“The information was very informative & detailed. I didn't pass first time round, but the tutor did help me to understand where I had gone wrong and the second time I passed.”

Kim A.

“This has really helped me in my work to implement new strategies so I can support the children better.”

Stasia Keenan

“I did not feel pressured at all.”


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