Wedding Planning Diploma

There’s nothing like a wedding celebration. What bride doesn’t want her wedding to the most magical and unforgettable day of her life? The skill is turning her fantasy into a reality, right down to the cutting of the cake. If you can see yourself planning glamorous weddings for love-struck couples nationwide, our Wedding Planning Diploma was made for you!

Planning a wedding is much more than fancy ice sculptures, multi-layered cakes, and big-band music. It’s the day little girls wait for. Where love triumphs, blossoms and comes together in holy matrimony. Hyper-personalised weddings have become a thing in 2018. Couples like to be different or unique. And the average cost of traditional weddings are at an all-time high (£30,355 according to Bridebook’s National Wedding Survey 2018). Meaning there’s no better time to start planning weddings than today.

With our Wedding Planning Diploma, you’ll discover everything you need to organise the perfect day. We’ll take you on a journey through the life of a wedding planner, exploring characteristics of the role. You’ll learn about venues, catering, and what to expect when hiring a photographer. Of course, there’s the nitty-gritty too: finances, setting up a business, and the ceremony itself.

In today’s competitive market, a diploma is becoming necessary for aspiring wedding planners. Imagine approaching couples already prepared. What about already knowing how much time, dedication, effort is needed to succeed? And, of course, knowing all about negotiating with supplier. Get your qualification and endorsement as a professional with this course and make today your big day!

On our Wedding Planning Diploma, you will:

  • Learn create wedding plans with personality and charm
  • Discover how to plan the big day by breaking it down into manageable elements
  • Gain insight into different types of wedding services, such as caterers and photographers
  • Understand key duties behind the scenes, such as budgets, negotiation and entertainment
  • Know the requirements to start and run your own wedding planning business

“I found course very interesting, i love weddings and now i can get involved in so many more.”

PJ Wade

“I work within an events team in a highly desirable wedding venue in Brighton I am looking to branch out into wedding planning for the venue and with this course i think i am going to be successful at it. Learnt so much already, its a really good basis and would recommend anyone looking to get into wedding planning to enrol.”

David Watts

“I would have felt like a fish out of water if i had to attend a college - really enjoyed doing this course in my own time.”

Carragh McMahon

“ It was interesting, fun and most of all I felt a feeling of success and contentment upon completion. ”

Harriet Coles

“After planning my own wedding and listening to friends in a similar situation, I noticed a gap in the market for wedding planners! Not every bride wants the stress of having the biggest day of their lives resting upon their shoulders! Studying around my day job is easier than I thought as I really enjoy it.”

Chrissy stokes

“I planned my own wedding and know now why so many people have a planner - with my experience I hope to be able to go on and help others. This course is great, im really passionate about doing it and leaving the job I don't really enjoy. It isn't easy though, you have to be motivated and have a will to succeed - and not watch Coronation Street when you are meant to be studying. It helps that I am genuinely interested in this subject and want to make it work for me going forward. ”

Amanda Dilke

“Progress is slow due to my other commitments but that's not the courses fault. Looking forward to really getting into it properly when I start my maternity leave.”

Grace Dawson

“Both me and my Mom are studying wedding planning, we are hopefully going to set up a business summer next year organising everyones big day. Its been lovely studying with someone, it keeps me motivated when sometimes i don't feel like it but i love the fact i don't have to leave my house to do it - the course (in my opinion) is easy to follow, broken down into manageable units. ”

Clare and Chris Kiernan

“I received excellent support and guidance from Oxbridge Home Learning. They were extremely helpful and the course taught me in a way that I could understand. Im hopefully now going to get a placement with a wedding planning company and hopefully once i have gained some on the job experience start up my own company. I have no hesitations in recommending this college or course to anyone, id like to give a special mention to my student advisor whom i initially spoke with and have spoke with several times since - Kate, thank you for your help and guidance and good luck with your course too. ”


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