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Lots of women (and a fair amount of men, too) have dreamt about their big day since they were children. Who will attend, what they’ll wear, the epic party they’ll throw after the ceremony, and even the flowers that will adorn the church. With this in mind, being a wedding planner is a huge honour – but also a huge responsibility! So, if you’d love a career helping couples plan the happiest day of their lives, then your clients will want to see that you’ve gone through the necessary training; that’s where our Wedding Planning Diploma comes in.

What you’ll learn in this online wedding planner course

Over fifteen modules, you’ll run through absolutely everything you need to know to become a top-notch wedding planner. You’ll study for your wedding planning diploma completely online using our award-winning learning platform.

You’ll learn how to form a great working relationship with clients, how to deal with admin and finance and create a magical theme for the big day that the happy couple will love.

You’ll discover how to help a couple put together a guest list, create save-the-date cards and invitations, and much more! Crucially, this wedding planner course will also teach you how to set up and market your very own wedding planning business.

What you'll learn

Unit 1 - The Role of a Wedding Planner

You’ll begin by learning a little about the history of marriage, along with general wedding trends and an examination of the wedding market in the UK. You’ll also study the key competencies every wedding planner needs, as well as the wedding planner code of ethics.

Unit 2 - Client Relationships

Managing relationships as a wedding planner can be tricky; there’s the nervous introductory meeting to get through, an action plan to come up with, and professional boundaries to navigate. In this unit, you’ll cover all this, as well as how to manage conflicts as and when they arise, and what you should do after the wedding is over.

Unit 3 - Wedding Planner Administration and Finance

There’s a lot of admin tasks involved in being a wedding planner, and it’s also essential that you stay on top of finances. In unit three, you’ll look at how to prepare task lists and action plans, how to come up with (and stick to!) a budget, manage contracts, come up with a working schedule, and deal with invoices and payments.

Unit 4 - Theming

Picking the right theme can make or break a wedding. In this unit, you’ll take a look at seasonal themes, how to deal with florists, as well as locate other key supplies you might need.

Unit 5 - The Ceremony

As a wedding planner, it’s vital that you have a detailed understanding of marriage and civil partnership in the UK, so you can answer any questions your clients pose. In unit five, you’ll look at the rules and regulations that govern both types of ceremony, the types of legal documentation you need at the registry office, the legalities of marrying abroad, and more.

Unit 6 - Venues

Of course, one of your many duties will be helping the happy couple to choose the right venue, as well as organising accommodation for guests. In this unit, you’ll look at different types of venues, how to choose one, laws and regulations you’ll need to be aware of, how to hire a marquee, and more.

Unit 7 - Food and Beverage

Throughout your career as a wedding planner, you’ll get to know caterers very well. In the meantime, this module will cover reception drinks and canapes, inside and outside catering, and guides to serving quantities. You’ll also take a look at the wedding breakfast, evening buffet, the wedding cake, and more.

Unit 8 - Print and Websites

Time to go through the rest of your checklist! Invitations, replies, orders of service, seating plans, and much more – you’ll cover it in unit eight.

Unit 9 - Entertainment and Speeches

Navigating your way between traditions and styles can be tricky, especially when it comes to wedding entertainment, when preferences are constantly changing. In this unit, you’ll go over some current trends to help you give advice to couples, how to organise musicians, bands and DJs, and more.

Unit 10 - Transportation

Any decent wedding planner will tell you not to underestimate the task of organising transportation – when done properly no one will notice, when done badly it will be what a couple and their guests will talk about for weeks after the wedding. In this unit, you’ll cover the different kids of transport, parties you need to consider, and making arrangements for international guests.

Unit 11 - Photography

Second only to the venue, the photography of the day is a big priority for the couple on their wedding day. It’s a record of everything that happened and a reminder of what a beautiful day they had and who they shared it with. In this unit, we’ll run through everything you need to know about photographers, videographers, photo booths and other trends, social media, and all the other details you’ll need to consider as a successful wedding planner.

Unit 12 - Bridal Party Attire

Bridal attire will vary greatly depending on each couple’s heritage and tradition, but there will always be similar considerations you need to take into account, and you’ll cover them all in unit twelve.

Unit 13 - Additional Wedding Requirements

From proposal planning, stag and hen do’s, gift lists, and keeping children entertained, unit thirteen will focus on some of the finer details you’ll need to consider as a wedding planner.

Unit 14 - Setting up and Marketing Your Business

By now, you’ll have gained all the practical and theoretical information you need, and be ready to think about setting up your own business! In the final unit, we’ll cover insurance, networking, professional body membership, marketing, and relationship building.

Extra info

Awarding Body

Course Outcome

At the end of this course, successful learners will be awarded an NCFE customised qualification. The training courses have been designed specifically to meet the needs of learners who prefer to study from home. Read more about NCFE.

How is this course assessed or examined?

Throughout this course, you may be expected to complete assignments, essays, research projects, presentations, video/audio recordings, and practical learning sessions to meet the requirements of your course. This information will be included in your study pack detailing exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goals as a student.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course, however, it is recommended that you have an intermediate ability to read and write English.

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Definitely, business and management courses can be used to advance up the ladder by proving to your employers that you’re dedicated and eager to learn.

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We offer a huge selection of business-focussed courses such as Business GCSE and Level 3 Diploma in Skills for Business and nationally recognised project management qualifications, such as Prince2.

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What do event planners earn?

Typical entry-level event planner roles start at around £20,000 a year. Once you gain a little more experience you can expect to earn £22,000 to £25,000, while salaries for event manager roles go up to £40,000.

It’s not unusual however for event planners to work as freelancers, or to launch their own companies, at which point the sky’s pretty much the limit when it comes to your earning potential!

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Which course is best for event management?

We always recommend our Event Management Level 3 course for students who want an all-rounded education so that they can leap right into their new careers.

After you’ve dabbled in the industry and managed enough events to know what sector you prefer to work in, you can always invest in further study and specialise in a specific area of planning, like wedding planning, for example.

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If you aspire to become a fully-fledged event planner but don’t have the time or want the hassle of going ‘back to school’, then a distance learning events management course may be the best option for you.

Study at your own time and pace to get armed with all the practical skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed. And because you can study from home in your spare time, it’s possible to work towards a new career while juggling the demands of day-to-day life.

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Why study event management courses with Oxbridge?

As a trusted and experienced distance learning provider, when you enrol on an online course with us, you will have access to award-winning learning materials and expert tutor support every step of the way. You’ll receive the same level of teaching and learning as you’d expect from traditional education, only now you’ll be in the driving seat, with complete control over your future.

Our high pass rates are a testament to the standard of education we provide. Enrolling is quick, straightforward, and the first step toward your new career. Whether you want to set up your own business or become a high-flying events manager at a large company, we’ll help make your dreams come true.

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What does an event planner do?

There’s a lot more to event management than you might imagine. Whether it’s weddings, sports or corporate conferences, a tremendous amount of work goes into planning events and making sure they go off without a hitch.

An event planner’s exact role will vary depending on the industry they are operating in. Essentially, they are responsible for the organising and execution of a variety of functions. There may also be a requirement to manage a team of people and third-party companies to ensure all events are a roaring success.

Be prepared for the unexpected, keep your cool, and you’ll be a successful, highly sought-after event manager.

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Health care

For 10+ years, my passion for helping learners develop and grow has driven my career as a teacher. To help me progress even further, I am currently studying to achieve the IQA award. I love reading and I’m a self-professed Harry Potter fan. Talk to me about all things history, rock music, tattoos and true crime podcasts. 

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Counselling and Psychology

I always knew that a career focused around helping people achieve their goals was perfect for me. That’s why I became a tutor. I love to see my student’s confidence flourish as they progress through their courses. It’s important to help them fit their learning goals around their personal commitments so they have the best chance of success! 

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My 30-year stride in education started with childminding, to working with pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. I then tutored in a national reading programme and went on to become a Higher-Level TA. I’m elated to say I graduated with a First-Class BA Honours Degree when I was 50 – living proof that it’s never too late to chase your dreams!



STEM and History of Art

Marine biology, jellyfish conservationist, hairdresser, fitness instructor… I have an eclectic backstory! Art is my passion and one of my proudest moments was achieving my Masters in Fine Art. I then requalified as an Art teacher to share my knowledge with my students. For most of my career, I’ve supported vulnerable students with additional needs such as SEMH and SEN.



Early Years

Beginning my career as an early years practitioner inspired me to step into the world of teaching. I have since elevated my skillset through a range of qualifications including L3 in Assessing Vocational Achievement, L3 in Education & Training and L4 in Internal Quality Assurance. I’m a big kid at heart; I love Disney movies and also dabble in photography.  

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