Garden Design Level 3 Diploma

Grow your gardening, landscaping and horticultural skills by learning the key elements of garden design.

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Do you have an eye for natural beauty? You stroll past neighbouring gardens and your imagination goes wild. You think in images: vibrant rose borders, beds strewn with blooming flowers, a reflective water centrepiece – a quaint, private paradise. If this sounds like you, our garden design course is the perfect opportunity to harness your horticultural skills and focus on finer details that’ll make any garden pop. Enrol today to start blooming.

What’s involved in our online Level 3 Garden Design Course?

You’ll make the most of nature by learning the key aesthetics of garden design. Discover the rich history behind the origins of garden design and find how and out where it all began. You’ll start by exploring the features of various garden styles, such as Medieval, Tudor and Victorian gardens.

Moving forward, you’ll look at how to plan, assess, and transform gardens into award-winning masterpieces. To do this, you’ll consider the impact of soil, sun and shade, time and budgeting during the planning process.

You’ll also examine the elements, shaping and proportions of gardens that enable designers to keep lawns and boundaries in shape when designing their dream enclosure. The course will finish by looking at a range of practical ideas for various shapes and styles of gardens.

Like the sights and scents of a glorious orchard in June, our garden design course will leave an everlasting impression. You’ll also acquire the distinctive ability to craft dynamic landscapes that meet the needs and desires of homeowners and garden lovers everywhere.

Now’s the time to start crafting those spectacular ideas you’ve been dreaming of, whether Persian gardens or Zen paradises. Enrol today and study anywhere – even in enclosed secret gardens in the heart of the countryside.

What you'll learn

Unit 1 - The History of Garden Design
  • Medieval Gardens
  • Tudor Gardens
  • Stuart Gardens
  • Georgian Gardens
  • Victorian Gardens
  • 20th-Century Gardens
Unit 2 - Introduction to Practical Garden Design
  • What Do You Want From Your Garden?
  • First Steps
  • Consider the Practical Limitations
  • Assessing the Versatility of A Pond Feature
  • Starting with The Essentials
Unit 3 - Assessing the Garden
  • Soil
  • Slopes & Changes in Level
  • Drainage
  • Enhancing Garden Design for a Mature Garden
  • Sun and Shade
  • The Soil & Climate
Unit 4 - Budgeting and Planning Garden Design
  • How Much Will Your Client be Able to Afford to Spend?
  • Phased Planning for Water Features
  • Schedule of work for Garden Development
  • Example of a Phased Budget in a Garden Design
Unit 5 - Timing Considerations
  • Basic Principles of Timing in Garden Planning
  • Knowing your Soil
  • Sources of Soil Pollution
  • How Soil Pollution Affects Plants
  • Benefits of Selenium for Plants and Soil
  • Improve Selenium Content of Soil
  • Safety and Timing Considerations for Fertiliser Application
  • Pruning
  • Timescale for Impatient Gardeners
  • Making Progress While Using a Phased Approach
Unit 6 - The Design - How and Where to Start
  • Achieving Harmony in Your Garden Design
  • Using Materials to Create Patterns and Finishing Touches in Your Design
  • Using Plants to Create or Enhance Patterns and Themes
  • Use of Colour in Garden Design
  • Colour Transformation
  • The Effect of Colours in “Re-sizing” Your Garden Space
Unit 7 - Elements of the Garden
  • Walls
  • Recycling the Material from the Foundation Trench
  • Choosing the Materials for Building
  • Legal or Planning Restrictions on Building Garden Walls
  • Safety Concerns
  • Patios and Paving
  • Designing Your Garden
  • Climbers and Shop Bought Panels
  • Metal Arches
  • Basic Garden Sheds and Other Utility Buildings
  • Beds, borders and planting
Unit 8 - Shapes and Proportion of Gardens
  • The Shape of Your Lawn
  • Ornaments and Garden Furniture
  • Where to Place Garden Furniture
  • Designing Your Garden
  • Garden Design Checklist
Unit 9 - Managing Transformations
  • Quick and Easy Transformations
  • Achieving a Quick Boost or Lift
  • Topiary
  • Creating a Focal Point
  • Water Features
  • Making Drainage Improvements
Unit 10 - Design Solutions for Problem Gardens
  • Dealing with Problems
  • Individual Gardens May have Individual Problems
  • Other Problems and Possible Solutions
  • Problems of a Steeply Sloping Garden
  • Urban Influences
  • Irrigation Systems
  • 11 Problems, Symptoms and Remedies
Unit 11 - Practical Design Ideas for Various Shapes of Garden
  • Design Ideas to Ensure Optimum Use of Outdoor Space
Unit 12 - Design Ideas to Ensure Optimum Use of Outdoor Space
  • Practical Considerations in Planning to Develop a Formal Garden Style
    Preparing the Land
    Defining the Perimeter
    Vertical Interest
    The Family Garden
    Plants Potentially Harmful to People
    Zones & Grass Covering

Extra info

Awarding Body

Course Outcome

At the end of this course, successful learners will receive a certificate of completion and competency.

How is this course assessed or examined?

Each unit is followed by a written tutor-marked assignment (TMA), which is submitted and then marked by your tutor. You will not be required to take an external exam.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course, however, it is recommended that you have an intermediate ability to read and write English.


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Courses Taught by Experts


Early Years

Beginning my career as an early years practitioner inspired me to step into the world of teaching. I have since elevated my skillset through a range of qualifications including L3 in Assessing Vocational Achievement, L3 in Education & Training and L4 in Internal Quality Assurance. I’m a big kid at heart; I love Disney movies and also dabble in photography.  



STEM and History of Art

Marine biology, jellyfish conservationist, hairdresser, fitness instructor… I have an eclectic backstory! Art is my passion and one of my proudest moments was achieving my Masters in Fine Art. I then requalified as an Art teacher to share my knowledge with my students. For most of my career, I’ve supported vulnerable students with additional needs such as SEMH and SEN.



Counselling and Psychology

I always knew that a career focused around helping people achieve their goals was perfect for me. That’s why I became a tutor. I love to see my student’s confidence flourish as they progress through their courses. It’s important to help them fit their learning goals around their personal commitments so they have the best chance of success! 

Kelly, tutor


Education and Childcare

My 30-year stride in education started with childminding, to working with pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. I then tutored in a national reading programme and went on to become a Higher-Level TA. I’m elated to say I graduated with a First-Class BA Honours Degree when I was 50 – living proof that it’s never too late to chase your dreams!



Health care

For 10+ years, my passion for helping learners develop and grow has driven my career as a teacher. To help me progress even further, I am currently studying to achieve the IQA award. I love reading and I’m a self-professed Harry Potter fan. Talk to me about all things history, rock music, tattoos and true crime podcasts. 

Laura, tutor
What an amazing company!
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I am currently taking a Skills in Business Level 3 Diploma and have been nothing but impressed with Oxbridge Home Learning so far. Throughout the signing up process, Hayley helped me extensively to get started and get the course materials through as quickly as possible. She wasn't just trying to sell the course to me like other places that I enquired about, Hayley was genuinely interested in my needs and how she could help that, whether that resulted in buying the course or not. The materials given are incredible, easy to follow chapters and just enough information to ensure that you can understand easily. The content itself is really interesting and is made even more easier for me by breaking the course down into little, manageable assessments instead of one big portfolio or exam. My tutor, Jade, has been brilliant in getting back to me so quickly, both with questions and marking. Feedback has been really relevant and helpful with a breakdown of grades achieved. So far I can honestly say, having signed up for a few other courses and being let down, this is the best course all round by far. Everywhere will have positive and negative reviews however I would definitely recommend this course and company to anyone who wishes to study and gain an extra qualification.
Absoutely outstanding college
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Absoutely outstanding college! Always knew what to do even in times when everyone was so unsure. I am very grateful. I enrolled onto 5 GCSE's , I got my results through my tutors and i was over the moon with them. I have just re-enrolled onto 3 a-levels so i can persue my ambition to be a bio-medical scientist. Once again i was talked through every details of all 3 a-levels, loads of information given about how to and where to book exams and costs. This was even offered to be split payments for me too , and this is something i went with as i wont notice the fees so much monthly. Yes, i could have gone to college but college doesnt suit my needs at the moment. My tutor support on my GCSES was AMAZING, never left waiting for long for questions or for marking. Even when my tutor/s were on holiday there was someone there to cover and there is no half terms or 6 weeks summer holidays that you have to plan for. I had quite a few phone calls, mainly just to get clarity on a few units, and i had a few zoom calls which were great - so easy. Thank you Oxbridge and specifically my tutors, James, Ollie, Sarah and May. I hope to get you at a-level if possible. And thank you to my advisor for helping me out in every aspect. Love you guys.
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5 Star Support ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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I would highly recommend Oxbridge home learning to anyone. The staff are friendly and professional and respond quickly to concerns when needed. I am a mature student and was anxious about studying again but have found the course interesting and fun and have had great support and guidance. Thank you to Stacey for all your help, you went the extra mile and we’re so kind and helpful.
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I have just completed my Level 3 TA course and want to thank Jenny Tidmarsh for all her support and guidance. Her response to all my e-mails was super quick and she always gave positive and constructive advice. Doing an online course, and especially during this pandemic has been challenging to say the least. Jenny has been an absolute life saver, calming frazzled nerves and giving sound advice and encouragement every single time. She is truly the most amazing tutor I could have ever wished for during my journey. If I could have rated higher than 5 stars I would gladly do so.
The online chat with Craig
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The online chat with Craig was friendly and helpful, and guided me through the questions and answers and to the payment link for the courses I have selected.
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Oxbridge rock!
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Signed up for a course with Oxbridge. The support from my tutor Niki is invaluable. She is caring , prompt and so helpful. Means I will get the best result possible on my course. The company as a whole have been professional and solved any problem quickly and pleasantly. I’d thoroughly recommend Oxbridge if you are looking to gain a qualification.
Thank you Stacey
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Dear Stacey, I just want to say a Big Thank you to you for the complimentary 6 month extension you have granted me for the counselling level 3 course which I signed up to last year. Your support, understanding and empathy means a lot and is greatly appreciated, especially throughout these very challenging times a lot of us are experiencing. You truly are Amazing and a Godsend! Kind regards Mayuri
from the very first call Oxbridge looked after me
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I was really nervous about re-entering the world of learning, it had been a while and i was secure in my job but ultimately unhappy and felt i could do more. I had read lots of mixed reviews from lots of college and wasnt really sure of what to do, or what was eve the right course for me. All i want to say is that i really need not have been worried, right from the very first call Oxbridge looked after me, they gave me lots of finance options and i picked the one most suited to me. The course was explained in detail and the information was then sent to me so i could read it at my leisure. I asked for a call back and this happened on time (i work shifts so it needed to be at a convenient time) i wasnt bombarded wth calls like i was from a couple of other colleges. I had a few questions and these were anwered clearly and consisely, there was no pressure which was lovely. I enrolled, received my logins that day with clear instructions on what to do next, admittedly i didnt start straight away but i completed the course with the help of my tutors Carol and Sarah in less than 8 Months i rrally am delighted! My support was more than good, it was excellent, my questions were answered promptly and never with judgement, no matter how silly they may have been. My feedback was thorough and constructive and made me aware of areas i needed to improve upon, and using the online system improved my IT skills too. I also recently enrolled on their jobready package, this has really helped with re-writing my CV, with my new qualification and provided me with some really good interview knowledge and this package was free!! Oxbridge helped me to stay motivated, they helped me get the qualification i needed and wanted, the service was excellent from start to finish and the added extras throughout were so helpful. Thank you so much for all you have done for me and my family (we love our mugs too) I have just erolled on another course and i am very excited to start this to add to my portfolio of new qualifications. To anyone thinking of enrolling, my advice do it!!! but remember its like anything you have to do it to get the benefit of it. I did and i am so glad i did. Thank you all again for being so great, helpful and accomodating in some really dark times, you have provided me with everything i need to get the career i really want. Wishing you a Happy New Year!
Fantastic customer service
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I am extremely interested in persuing a career within the Criminolgy sector. I saw a course advertised online which I thought would be ideal to help in furthering my education. However, when I enquired about it further, the gentleman on the phone advised me that this course would not be useful to me. This was because it was more of an detailed insight into forensics and not a pathway into University. I felt a bit deflated but I appreciated the fact that he was honest rather than take money from me for a course he knew wouldn't help me. To my surprise he stayed on the line and took time out to go through other potential options such as an HND and looking at public services. He then emailed me all the links and told me if I ever needed any further help to give him a call. This, I thought was excellent service despite my not enrolling. The gentleman's name was Travis and he truly is a fountain of knowledge. He's polite, professional, charming and a credit to Oxbridge! Thanks again Travis for giving me some hope, all the best.
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