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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility: Good Causes and Charitable Giving for the Benefit of Society

The world is a weird but wonderful place. It’s filled with bright and brilliant people strewn across different continents. Together, we’ve created exciting societies built on blood, sweat and tears – places we call home. To ensure the societies we live continue to grow, we think that it’s important to have a strong social responsibility. Meaning doing all we can to ensure our societies thrive and survive.

At Oxbridge, doing the right thing is at the centre of what we do. We’ve built our culture, values and principles on our social responsibilities. We’re not just about changing lives through education but the lives of people in the communities we serve. However, we are keen to nurture talent, charities, business and the environment to bloom and grow.


What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an organisation’s social, cultural and environmental obligations. However, human rights are also a factor all businesses need to consider. As everything a business does has consequence, they should act responsibility. This will ensure their actions have a positive impact on the communities they work.

Also known as ‘Corporate Citizenship’, the main aim is to ensure organisations conduct business in an ethical way. For example, an ethical business might consider pro-green methods, such as cycle to work schemes, to become eco-friendlier. It’s these simple steps and positive decisions that will impact the community in a beneficial way.


Oxbridge: How we contribute to social responsibility

Outside of maximising student potential, we’re an eco-friendly business and back pro-green policies, including recycling and reducing paper wastage. We’re affiliated with several charities across the UK and help offer business start-ups support and advice. We even back ground-breaking projects with little funding to change the world.

Check out some of our delightful partnerships below!

Social Responsibility LoveBrum logo


LoveBrum is a charity that engages with people and businesses across Birmingham. Aiming to build a brighter future, they support exciting projects and charities that are delivering real change for the city. Often volunteer-led, projects have outcomes that can be seen, measured, and loved and shape the community for the better. Better yet, every penny raised is always reinvested into projects and causes.

LoveBrum are always on the go. So, we actively encourage the team to support new projects. Not only is this good team-building experience, but lets us make a real difference to the community.

Check out what LoveBrum are up to!


Buddy Bag Foundation

Buddy Bag Foundation is a magical charity that provide love-filled backpacks to children in emergency accommodation. Packed with vital items: toothbrush, pyjamas, activities and a teddy friend, Buddy Bags aim to restore a child’s sense of safety and security. Children benefit directly from the donations of patrons and fundraisers. With over 48,000 children in the UK requiring care each year, every coin makes a huge difference.

In February 2018, our team volunteered with the foundation to pack Buddy Bags with much love, care and attention. We’re now actively supporting their ongoing mission to help children in their hour of need.

See how Buddy Bag Foundation is making a difference to children across the UK.



Macmillan Coffee Mornings

Social Responsibility coffee morning

Since 1990, Macmillan has helped businesses host coffee mornings to raise money for people living with cancer in the UK. They set the challenge for teams to bake and sell delectable goods to generous patrons. From the spoils, they provide medical, emotional, practical and financial aid to ensure no one faces cancer alone. By 2030, it’s estimated 4 million will have cancer in the UK. Admirably, Macmillan want to help them all. Running a coffee morning is a fantastic way to support the cause.


Every year, we run our own Macmillan coffee morning. The team gets super excited as they open Mary Berry’s latest baking bible to create that dream cupcake or muffin. Last year, Macmillan managed to raise a whopping £29.5 million. We contributed £207 to the cause, but we’re aiming to double that number this year. So we’re studying Macmillan’s baking recipes.

Discover how the World’s Biggest Coffee Mornings is helping people with cancer.


Can we do something to help your good cause?

We’re always looking for new charities and businesses to partner with. If you’ve any ideas or ways we can help, please get in touch. Especially if you think it will be good for a cause you believe in. It’s not doing our social dues, we thrive on making a difference to the lives and communities around us.