Maths dice with the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division symbols on them.

Functional Skills: Everything You Need to Know

Are you trying to ensure you have the necessary qualifications to find your dream job? It can be a little...

1 month ago

What To Do At Your Next In-Person Interview

Newly qualified? Do these to nail your first interview

You and every other Oxbridge student have most likely been studying in your PJs throughout this pandemic, and who can...

1 month ago

An image of Tom at his desk working.

Tom Hollins: Tutor Interview

At Oxbridge, our tutors are always available to help our pupils. They even offer unlimited support to our students. We’ve...

1 month ago

dangers of makeup

Beware The Dangers Of Dirty Brushes & Expired Makeup

Over £800 is spent on beauty products each year per person, but our research has found that many of us...

1 month ago

A female owner stroking a happy dog.

Top Tips: How to Take Care of Your Dog

When you start looking after a dog, knowing how to take care of your new pet can be a little...

1 month ago

Teaching Assistant sits with a group of children on a rainbow rug

Teaching Assistant Levels: What Do They Mean and How Do They Differ?

If you’re thinking of becoming a teaching assistant, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the technical terminology...

2 months ago

benefits of distance learning

Benefits of distance learning

Many of you may still associate learning with classrooms and face-to-face teaching. However, online training has grown in popularity and...

2 months ago

a counsellor talks to a patient

What is Integrative Counselling?

In life, there’s no ‘one size fits all’. Nowhere does this rule apply more than in therapy; what works for...

3 months ago


How to Write a Bibliography: Referencing Styles Explained

If you aren’t familiar with writing bibliographies as part of your assignments, it can feel pretty confusing. Often, bibliographies are...

3 months ago

Difference between award, certificate and diploma

Award vs Certificate vs Diploma: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re 16 or 36, the world of training and learning can be confusing. With lots of terminology and a...

3 months ago