As an A-Level Biology student, it's important to have a selection of reliable resources at your fingertips. Whether you're revising for exams, or simply want to deepen your understanding of key biological concepts, the right books can make all the difference.

Textbook suggestions for A-Level Biology

Here are five books that every A-Level Biology student should consider adding to their reading list for 2023. Can you think of any others to add?

Campbell Biology

Now in its twelfth edition, this classic textbook published by Pearson covers everything from cell biology and genetics to ecology and evolution, and is written in clear and concise language. With plenty of diagrams and illustrations, it also breaks information down into an easy-to-follow format complete with study tips to help keep important information firmly in your mind.

Universities worldwide have drawn on Campbell Biology for years, making it a reputable choice. The latest edition is also supported by a collection of online resources, including webinars and interactive visual learning aids, so you can be sure to get find the right experience to suit your learning style.

CPG A-Level Biology

The CGP range of textbooks has become a favourite for students on various courses due to its engaging style and easy format. The CGP A-Level Biology textbook is no exception.

Whilst it may lack the detail required for aspiring A* students to achieve the highest marks, the textbook is effective in providing a solid foundation from which you can form your own ideas and direct your own learning. Like all CGP textbooks, the A-Level Biology version is available on Amazon and through most bookstores. It is also available on e-readers for further accessibility.

AQA A-Level Biology, Glenn Toole

Written for the AQA A-Level Biology qualification specifically, this book draws on straightforward explanations to complex subject topics in order to bring ideas together. As it is written by both curriculum and subject experts, you will benefit from both the scientific aspects of what is taught on an A-Level Biology course and what is likely to be covered in an exam paper.

Similar to the CPG A-Level Biology textbook, this book encourages independent study through summary questions and exercises, with digital study tools also available online.

Cambridge International AS & A-Level Biology

Written with the Cambridge International syllabus in mind, the latest (2022) editions of the AS and A-Level Biology textbooks include various resources ranging from teacher materials to a dedicated study book. This enables you to gain a deeper reflection of what is being explained within the book and develop your own understanding in the way that best suits your learning style.

The textbooks have been compiled through through lesson observations, teacher interviews and work with Cambridge International's own online research community, and with digital access, you can be sure you are able to access leading insights to help you succeed.

Ross & Wilson - Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness

Now in its fourteenth edition, this textbook is widely recommended for students looking at a career in nursing, allied health or biomedical and paramedical science. For A-Level students, it can be a helpful introduction to what lies beyond and give you a head start while you look at your university options.

For its latest edition, Ross & Wilson - Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness comes with access to 3D videos and animations summarising key topics covered within the textbook, with summary questions to further aid understanding and to encourage you to think deeper about the information being presented to you.

Ready to start learning?

These are just some of the books available for A-Level Biology students. Take some time doing your own online searches to help you decide which books you need to help you get the level of detail you need. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of biology or looking to get ahead before starting a particular university degree, there's something on this list for everyone.

An online course, like the ones we provide here at Oxbridge, can also help you progress your learning further at the pace you feel comfortable at, or be the first step towards getting into university. You'll be guided by a dedicated personal tutor, with full access to various course materials. Enrol on our A-Level Biology course today or speak to a learning adviser on 0121 630 3000 for further information.