It's a special moment when people club together towards a common goal or purpose. We've created positive societies built on passion, hope, good causes, and charitable giving. At Oxbridge, we're dedicated to making a difference in the world, so we've partnered with LoveBrum to support people and businesses across Birmingham.

What is LoveBrum?

LoveBrum is a charity that supports hidden projects across Birmingham that deliver real change and outcomes that people love. Supporting over 30 projects a year, it raises key funds for causes and schemes in Birmingham lacking the platform they deserve. Aiming to build a brighter future, they reach out to all corners of the city to remind people of how great Birmingham truly is, encouraging everyone to get involved and make a difference. Better yet, every penny raised is reinvested into chosen causes.

LoveBrum has aided some fantastic causes since its establishment in 2015, raising £210,000 to fund local Birmingham projects.

LoveBrum have aided some fantastic causes since establishing in 2015, raising £210,000 to fund local Birmingham projects

Destined to Collaborate

Oxbridge and LoveBrum came together when its founders, Matt Jones and PJ Ellis, who shared a common desire for change, developed a strong friendship, which led to Matt being introduced to LoveBrum. Now a corporate sponsor, Matt has taken the opportunity to support local people who are doing well while inspiring his team to join and back causes to make a real difference.

Since joining LoveBrum in April 2017, Matt and his team at Oxbridge have got involved with several charities alongside fellow LoveBrum members to ensure the communities we live in continue to grow. We care about England's second city because it stands for growth and innovation, and the education quarter is thriving. Birmingham is home to several universities and colleges offering a range of opportunities that push people to succeed. And, of course, a little social responsibility goes a long way.

SoLO Life Opportunities

LoveBrum and SoLO

Matt was present for the presentation to SoLO Life Opportunities.

One of the first causes Matt was involved with was the presenting of a £2000 cheque to SoLO Life Opportunities, a charity that works with 700 children and adults with learning difficulties. The charity has created some inspiring programmes, including Evolve, which provides meaningful daytime activities that add value to people's lives and increase independence and self-esteem. They received funds to purchase an interactive whiteboard to assist communication and training. Utilising revolutionary eye-gaze technology, the whiteboard improves learner experiences by enabling those with profound difficulties to partake in more activities.

Matt said: "It's great to see how causes benefit from the money raised by LoveBrum and the difference LoveBrum is making to people's lives. SoLO Life Opportunities is a fantastic charity, and users at Evolve obviously enjoy getting together with their friends and becoming involved in a learning experience. Having an interactive whiteboard with eye-gaze technology will be a great addition to their resources."

Curry King of Birmingham

The Oxbridge team are huge fans of incredible cuisine worldwide (we're all foodies). And it doesn't get any better than the legendary Curry King, LoveBrum's annual flavoursome black-tie fundraiser with a special twist - its guests battle ingredients and flavours in a head-to-head comp to be crowned the 'Curry King (or Queen) of Birmingham'. Bursting with flavour that's well worth savouring, Curry King invites the city to unite, have fun, and raise funding for several life-changing projects in Brum.

LoveBrum, Curry King, Oxbridge Home Learning

We're all Curry Kings and Queens at LoveBrum's tasty charity event.

Ready to dine in style and support a great cause, we donned suits and attended the event with a dedicated ten-strong party. As you can tell from our photo, fine dining and raising money for a charity you care about is a scrumptious combination worth smiling for.

Want to make a difference? Get involved at this year's Curry King!

"It's great to see how causes are benefitting from the money raised and the difference LoveBrum is making to people's lives. Matt Jones, Founder, Oxbridge

Brand Ambassadors – Moseley Folk Festival

LoveBrum Oxbridge Home Learning

We wear our LoveBrum badges with pride

Since becoming a corporate sponsor of LoveBrum, Matt Jones has encouraged eight team members to become devoted LoveBrum members. As ambassadors, the team endorse the charity's message at events like the up-and-coming Moseley Folk Festival, which provides a platform for some amazing unsigned talent amongst incredible, established international artists.

Donning their LoveBrum badges with pride, team members Alicia and Danny will spread the word about the charity's actions and the notable causes it supports each year, while raising a little money with some playful raffles and competitions.

LoveBrum Oxbridge Home Learning

Our very own Alicia and Danny are proud LoveBrum ambassadors at this year's Moseley Folk Festival.

The aim is to raise awareness, especially for the charity itself, but also for the charities out there that could do wonders with a little funding, such as Buddy Bag Foundation, which helps rebuild the lives of children in emergency accommodation. Engaging with happy music-goers, the Oxbridge team will encourage people to join the LoveBrum cause for the greater good of Birmingham. We're passionate about giving back to the community, which is why we're always ready to create an impact that makes a real difference.

LoveBrum Member Social Events

LoveBrum cares about every one of its members. A nice touch to joining the charity is the effort they go to get its members to mingle, often throwing cosy social sessions or shindigs across the city. We've networked with ambassadors, trustees, business leaders and some truly wonderful charities who all share one common interest: a love for all things Birmingham. Recently, we were left inspired at Revolución De Cuba by a talk from a spokesman and volunteer for the Midlands Freewheelers, who deliver emergency blood and medical essentials for free to the NHS, out of hours. At another networking event, we got together at the famous Steelhouse Lane police station for a tour, which is now closed. It's safe to say we had a laugh and met some lovely organisations that are also working with LoveBrum.

LoveBrum Oxbridge Home Learning

We're always mingling with other members, ambassadors and charities at LoveBrum events.

At Oxbridge, doing the right thing is central to what we do. We've built our full culture, values and principles around our social responsibilities. We're not just about changing lives via education but the lives of people in the communities we serve. By partnering with the amazing LoveBrum, we can continue to nurture charities, businesses and people of Birmingham in all the right ways.