Stepping Up for Our Furry Companions

A happy dog being pet by his owner whilst basking in the sunshine
Happy dog basking in sunshine

Calling all dog lovers! At Oxbridge, our dedication to making a difference extends beyond conventional borders. During colder months, our hearts are warmed by the opportunity to extend our support to our beloved four-legged companions in need. 

Oxbridge's Care for Canines 

This year, Oxbridge took a heartfelt initiative to ensure that the tails kept wagging and the hearts stayed full for numerous furry friends in our community. Loaded with essentials such as dog food, kibble, and treats, our team made significant contributions to several small animal charities. 

One passionate animal advocate and lifelong animal lover, Stacey Ryan, spearheaded this compassionate effort by generously donating multiple crates of food and treats to rescues in Birmingham and Solihull. Among these, the Retired Greyhound Centre holds a special place in her heart. Stacey's dedication to supporting this centre, as well as similar organisations, reflects our collective commitment to animal welfare. 

Finding a Loving Home 

Many of these centres work tirelessly to care for neglected, unwanted, or homeless animals, providing them with a safe haven and loving homes. It's through acts of kindness and generosity, like the contributions made by Oxbridge and individuals like Stacey, that these sanctuaries can continue their vital work. 

Small acts of compassion not only provide essential resources but also play a crucial role in ensuring these centres thrive. Ultimately impacting the lives of countless animals and the communities they become a part of. Check out Birmingham Dogs Home and the amazing work they do and see how you can get involved.

A young dog in a loving home surrounded by toys
Little dog at home in the living room playing with his toys

Navigating the winter season can be extremely difficult for neglected dogs, let's remember the warmth that comes from spreading kindness and support to those who need it most. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, makes an immense difference in the lives of our furry companions. Dogs make everything better for us, so let’s make things better for them!