A Meeting of Two Great Minds

Managing Director of Oxbridge, Matt Jones, had the distinct honor of meeting former United Kingdom prime minister Theresa May. This significant encounter resonated with the convergence of politics, education, and shared interests between the two. 

Theresa May once presided over the United Kingdom from the famed number 10 Downing Street 

Theresa May, renowned for her tenure as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and her leadership within the Conservative Party, engaged in a discourse with Matt Jones that delved into the realm of education. As a former Home Secretary and an MP representing Maidenhead since 1997, May's insights into the educational landscape were invaluable.

Oxbridge MD Matt Jones & Former Prime Minister Theresa May

The event wasn't solely focused on politics; it also unveiled a mutual passion for rugby between Matt and May. This shared interest further cemented the connection between the entrepreneur and the seasoned politician, adding another layer of rapport beyond the realms of business and governance. 

Matt's diverse background as an award-winning entrepreneur with a keen interest in politics and current affairs positions him uniquely to engage with figures like Theresa May. His ability to navigate discussions ranging from business strategies to socio-political matters reflects his multifaceted persona. 

Reflecting on the encounter, Matt expressed his gratitude, stating, "It was an absolute privilege to meet her, and I hope our paths cross again." Such sentiments highlight the significance of fostering connections across disciplines, where entrepreneurship intersects with the broader spectrum of societal and political discourse. 

As Matt continues to steer his ventures to greater heights, his engagement with influential figures like Theresa May will inspire him to ascend to even higher levels of success. Through such interactions, Matt demonstrates how hard work, dedication and innovation can result in you rubbing shoulders with iconic figures.