Functional Skills English Level 2

Learning English is a rewarding experience and essential to progressing in life, learning and career. An English course should be insightful, accessible, achievable and fun. Equivalent to GCSE English, our Functional Skills English Level 2 gives you just that. Delivered in layman’s terms, functional skills cut out the noise and gives students exactly what they want – transferable reading, writing and communication skills to reach the next step of their learning journey or career.


Why Functional Skills English?

Functional Skills English prepares you for post-study by equipping you with vital real-world skills. Ever had trouble filling out forms, understanding technical letters or presenting your ideas to others? If so, functional skills were made for you! Furthermore, they’re officially recognised by NCFE, easier to digest, obtain and are fully accepted by employers, colleges and universities. It’s a total win-win situation!

87% of employers value Functional Skills for their approach to applied skills, flexible assessment and problem solving. (Education and Training Foundation)

Develop the key aspects of English, such as creating effective presentations to adapting work to suit an audience, purpose or situation. In addition, you’ll also gather information, compare texts, and learn to communicate your ideas and opinions in a persuasive way. Perfect for people of all backgrounds, including foreign students. In fact, it’s an ideal companion course for anyone looking for a GCSE equivalent qualification.

In today’s world, strong English and Maths skills are incredibly important. We recommend coupling your Functional Skills English with Functional Skills Maths Level 2. So, give yourself a fighting chance with two qualifications that will make a difference to your future. Equally important, you’ll get unlimited support and six practise papers to aid your reading and writing and achieve your goals.


When studying Functional Skills English Level 2, you’ll learn to:

  • Summarise information from different sources
  • Identify the purpose and meaning of texts
  • Detect bias and consider responses in texts
  • Write a range of texts persuasively
  • Understand English Language, grammar and punctuation
  • In addition, you’ll learn so much more.

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