As part of our ongoing commitment to make gaining recognised qualifications as simple as possible, we’re delighted to be able to offer our learners the option to complete their NCFE functional skills examinations online.

Otherwise known as remote invigilation, this option eliminates the need for you to travel to an exam centre, and means you can sit your exams at a time that suits you, 24/7!

Offering the option for learners to complete their NCFE functional skills examinations online, also known as remote invigilation, represents a significant step towards simplifying the process of gaining recognised qualifications. Here's how:

  1. Convenience: Remote invigilation eliminates the need for learners to travel to a physical exam centre, saving time and reducing logistical challenges associated with transportation. Learners can now take their exams from the comfort of their own homes or any location with internet access.
  2. Flexibility: By allowing learners to sit their exams remotely, the option to choose exam times becomes much more flexible. Learners no longer need to adhere to a fixed exam schedule at a specific exam centre. Instead, they can select a time that best suits their schedule, whether during the day, evening, or even in the early morning hours. This flexibility accommodates diverse learner needs, including those with work or family commitments.
  3. Accessibility: Remote invigilation expands access to examinations for learners who may face barriers to attending physical exam centres. This includes individuals with disabilities, those living in remote areas with limited access to exam centres, or individuals with mobility issues. Offering exams online ensures that these learners can still pursue their qualifications without facing unnecessary hurdles.
  4. Reduced Stress: The convenience and flexibility of remote invigilation can help reduce the stress associated with traditional exam settings. Learners may feel more comfortable and relaxed when taking exams in familiar surroundings, potentially leading to improved performance.

Overall, by offering NCFE functional skills examinations through remote invigilation, we aim to streamline the qualification process, making it more accessible, convenient, and learner-centric. This initiative aligns with our commitment to supporting learners on their educational journey and empowering them to achieve their goals on their own terms.