Every day we ask ourselves lots of questions. What should I wear? Shall I put on makeup? What will I have for dinner? But most of us will rarely ask ourselves the deeper questions: questions that can change our lives.

Here we reveal the 10 questions that, if asked at the right time, could truly shape your future.

1. What would I do if I wasn’t scared?

Fear is a natural reaction and linked to survival. It comes in handy when we need to be cautious. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to think about what we would do if we forgot our fear and the burden of our stress and instead focused a bit more on adrenaline and spontaneity.

From not having the courage to tell someone you like them to stay in a job where you’re unhappy, fear of rejection can hold us back from many new opportunities. If you give it some thought and put your feelings of fear aside, you may find out what you can really achieve. Whether that’s a new career or a new relationship, it’s worth considering what your life would be like if you weren’t afraid.

2. Do I worry too much about what others think of me?

Psychology is fascinating, and it shows us that the human mind can naturally make us a bit self-conscious. But these worries can also become consuming. So, it’s sometimes nice to put those concerns aside and focus on how you can live your best life free of influence from others.

3. Am I living a life that promotes physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing?

When we think about living a healthy lifestyle, we often focus on physical aspects of health, like our diet and exercise routine. However, we should also focus on the mind and soul too. Mindfulness and an awareness of our mental health are both often underestimated in terms of the role they play in keeping us fit and healthy. Focusing on physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing can have a positive impact on our lives as well as our overall health.

So, why not consider going to a meditation class once in a while?

A woman meditating outside by the ocean with the sun reflecting on the water.

4. Why not?

Speaking of ‘why not?’, this is another question that can significantly change our lives. As a society, we limit ourselves to social constructs and traditions that are, in many ways, outdated.

Sometimes, it can be quite freeing to think of something people said we wouldn’t be capable of doing or would be out of our comfort zone, and say “why not? I think I’ll try that!” It’s amazing how much you can achieve when you put your mind to something and forget the limitations that have been ingrained in your head.

5. Is my social circle influencing my life positively?

The circle of friends you hang out with will impact your attitude and behaviour. In fact, it probably affects more than you think in your everyday life. Be sure to be around those who have a positive outlook.

6. What are you taking for granted that you want to remember to be grateful for?

Whether it’s happiness, your health, family or friends, most people have a lot to be grateful for. We often get caught up in somewhat superficial things, like wishing we looked different, or materialistic matters, such as wishing we had more money when really, we should be thankful for what we have.

Appreciating what you’ve got will make you realise how lucky you are. Don’t get complacent or stop trying to better your life when you ask yourself this question, though.

Instead, count your blessings and focus on ways you can give back. Whether this means volunteering, working with children or finding another rewarding way to do more for others, such as giving to charity.

So, if you constantly complain about what you don’t have, take a moment to ask yourself what you’re taking for granted that you want to remember to be thankful for.

7. What’s the most important lesson I’ve learnt so far in life, and am I living by it?

Life is full of lessons, some more subtle than others. But you may find that one lesson stands out above the others. Try to determine which life lesson has been most important so far, then reflect on your actions to see if you’re following it. You’d be surprised what a little self-reflection can help you to achieve.

A woman sitting with her hand on her chin looking in deep thought.

8. What haven’t I taken the time to learn about?

No matter how many lessons you’ve learnt so far, there’s still a wealth of knowledge out there. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to pursue a new hobby, such as creative writing or interior design, or you’d like to brush up on your language skills or learn how to be a life coach. Whatever it may be, it’s important to take time for you. When you’re passionate about something, you’ll be amazed at how invested you become.

9. What’s stopping me from doing the things that I should be doing?

Whether you’re worried about time constraints, affordability or a lack of motivation, sometimes working out what the barrier is can be very beneficial. From there, you can figure out ways to overcome this – that is, if there isn’t already a solution.

10. Am I happy with my job?

Rather than asking yourself every day, this is something that should perhaps be questioned every now and then. However, if you do find yourself frequently doubting how you feel about your work, then it may be worth finding a new job. 

We hope you’ve found this list of life questions useful. If you like to ponder life’s big questions, then you may find Philosophy A-level interesting. Or perhaps you’re looking to study something vocational for that much-needed career change. We offer an extensive range of courses to suit everyone.