We often hear that people don’t have the time to study a course, or they’re worried that the course will take up too much of the spare time they do have. After all, it’s only natural to want to have time to relax as well as time for daily commitments, right? In this blog, we discuss the best time to study and if the time of day affects the student's learning. We also hear from A-level student Christopher who made use of the flexibility offered by distance learning during a crucial time in his life.

That’s the beauty of online learning: it can be done at your own pace, on any device. This makes it ideal for anyone who has other commitments that they need to work their studies around. Here at Oxbridge, we appreciate that life can get in the way of you achieving your goals. We work around you by offering flexible learning options.  

Does the time of day affect student learning?

Time of day can make a big impact on learning however, it's a very subjective question and differs for everyone.

The main question you need to ask yourself is whether you feel better and more productive during the day or night. Once you know, you can adapt your learning accordingly. Of course, that might not be as easy to do if you have other obligations such as childcare or work commitments. Why not take our quiz: Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Finally and most importantly - can you actually make time to study? Slow and steady wins the race, we say!

Craving a Career Change…

As of April 2021, an estimated 60% of workers were planning a career change. Almost 700,000 of these hard-working individuals would like a role that helps others. The study also found that due to the pandemic, the group most likely to consider changing jobs were under-25s. 

At Oxbridge, our main aim is to make learning achievable for everyone who would like to study something new. That’s why we offer an optional six-month break to our students if needed, as well as the option to arrange an extension*. 

*Charges may apply, speak to a member of the team for more details

Suggestions of the best time to study from our student - Christopher

At just 18 years old, Christopher had to stop going to college, so he could start taking care of his mother and looking after the family home. He was determined to continue his education, so he looked into alternatives and found the option to study distance learning courses with Oxbridge

When his Mum became ill, Christopher was studying A-level Maths, A-level Further Maths and A-level Computer Science... 

“I’d wanted to continue with education, but because of my situation, I was unable to. Then, Oxbridge gave me the flexibility I needed to do so.

Oxbridge is a fantastic education platform, but you need to make sure you apply yourself to your studies, as not even the best teacher can teach someone who isn’t willing to learn and work at 100%”, he explains. 

“I was able to fit in my studying whenever I had some downtime, which was and is awesome!” 

That’s not to say that Christopher needed to put his hobbies on hold... 

“I love exercising and improving my body. It gives me a clear perspective on what’s actually important and what I should be focusing on”

He also enjoys cooking – “especially when it turns out well”. To manage all his responsibilities, while still finding time to fit in his hobbies, Christopher needed to remain focused and make time to study.  

Another benefit of doing this was that he developed new skills, including enhanced time management and independence. “Setting time to study aside was a challenge for me, but I knew that I’d have to do that if I was going to get the results that I wanted. Commitment is key”, explains Christopher. 

The added benefit of tutor support also helped Christopher to progress with his Maths A-level course at Oxbridge. 

Personal tutor support

“Whenever I questioned myself on whether the method I was applying was the correct one, I would always ask my tutor for their opinion. I knew I could rely on their feedback, and it was a massive boost of confidence.” 

He is confident enough in his ability that he now knows what his next steps will be. 

“I’d like to continue with my studies, so I can gain two more A-levels too. Then, I plan to go on to get an accounting degree at university!” 

Want to read more about Christopher?

You can read Christopher’s full success story too. Whether you’d like to improve your job prospects in your existing field, change careers or train to start your first role, we offer an extensive range of courses to suit your needs. 

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