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Dislike your job? You're not the only one…

Sandeep's story

What are the payment options?

Once that all important wage has hit our bank account, the large majority of us prioritise "important" activities and items that we need until our next payday. But what makes the cut for those priority items?

We know that bettering your life with an Oxbridge course may not be the most dominant consideration on your mind, but now you don't have to worry about the full payment cost! We have a range of manageable payment options that you can choose from. So, if affordability is a factor for not prioritising your career and self-improvement over other aspects of your life, then we can help.

Dislike your job? You're not the only one…

Surprisingly, a huge 85% of us are unhappy in our jobs - whether it's our fellow colleagues, our boss, the commute to work, the type of work we do, or something else. That's an almost unbelievable amount of people! But what is actually stopping us from leaving?

Situational barriers, such as financial constraints are the main cause of many of us not deciding to learn something new and change our career paths. Here, at Oxbridge, our main aim is to not make learning as hard as you think, and to try and eliminate any of those stresses stopping you from creating a brighter future.

Don't just take our word for it, hear what Sandeep has to say:

Sandeep left college and got a job as a cashier in a local shop. He wanted to save money to move out of his family home and rent with his girlfriend. Working good hours and making reasonable money, Sandeep decided that when he had finally moved out, he would wait to settle in before moving on to his dream career in accounting.

Sandeep said "working full-time at the shop allowed me to save to rent with my girlfriend, but by the time we did that I found myself with little money to spend on other things. I wanted to build a better career for myself and have always dreamt of doing accounting but have always been awful at saving, so I’d spent any remaining money I had by the end of the month."

Sandeep discovered Oxbridge online, and decided to call one of our learning advisers to get more information on the accounting courses. They talked him through the pay monthly option, allowing him to pay the course off on a monthly basis. He worked out that by studying online he could continue to work full-time and have enough money to pay off his course too. He explained "not only did I manage to start the course I need to begin my career in accounting, but I can also continue working full-time to pay my rent too. Paying monthly for the course means it is so much more manageable for me".

What are the payment options?

Everyone is different, so having different payment options means we can ensure that there’s something for everyone. Take a look at the payment options available to you if studying a course with Oxbridge is something you’d like to do.

Option one: Pay with Credit, Debit or PayPal

Our first option allows you to pay on a secure payment system, processing your transaction easily and efficiently. Choosing this option will mean covering the full price of your course in one transaction, allowing you to complete your course having already paid the complete fee.

Option two: Monthly Payment Facility

This option offers you flexibility with achievable monthly payments. You'll be able to choose the date that the direct debit leaves your account so you can go about the rest of your month stress-free. There is no credit check, so this won't affect your credit score either.

The number of months you have to pay off your course will depend on the cost of the courses in your basket when you enrol. You can read more about this option on our payment page.

Option three: Contact Us

Is neither of these options suitable for you? Don't worry, contact us on 0121 630 3000. We’ll see what we can do to support your needs.

If you want to better your career options and open more doors to a brighter future in your dream job, then browse our extensive range of distance learning courses. We also have a friendly team of advisers who can help you map out your learning journey, so you'll know the route you need to take to see your vision come to life.