Who is this scheme for?

The scheme is for members of the armed services who are looking to upskill or retrain can receive funding for eligible courses through the ELC (Enhanced Learning Credits) Scheme.

Are there eligibility criteria?

To be eligible for the ELC, personnel must have completed at least four years of service in the British Military. The scheme is open to both full-time and part-time soldiers. Soldiers must also be aged 16 or over to apply for the scheme.

Who administers the scheme?

The Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme Administration Service (ELCAS) handles the processing of administering funded course claims through the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) Scheme.

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How do I claim a course with Oxbridge?

If you meet the criteria and your course is one of those offered under the scheme then simply contact us to request a claim form or download it from the ELCAS website.

Once filled in, send it to us and we will sign and authorise it before sending it to ELCAS for approval and we will receive a Claim Authorisation Note. We will then ask for any required contribution or fees and get your enrolled.

Throughout your course keep a record of any invoices/costs/receipts as applicable for submitting to ELCAS. After completing each stage you can claim for reimbursement.

If you have any queries about the above then one of our learning advisers will be happy to guide you through the process.

What courses are eligible?

The following courses are eligible for ECLAS funding. The courses available through the scheme can change over time, so if you would like to confirm any details then please contact us.

Psychology Level 3

Study the psychology of the human mind and behaviour as you ask questions that seek to solve how we think, act and feel.

NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

Develop your knowledge and skills in gym instruction to pursue or advance a career in personal training.

Counselling Skills Level 3 Diploma

Develop knowledge and insight into counselling, which will help you to appreciate the importance of self-development.

NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Management

Set yourself apart from the competition with key managerial skills that and enable you to execute your role effectively.

NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Explore the reasons why people travel and develop the knowledge needed to work in the tourism industry.

CAVA Level 3 – Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement TQUK

Perfect for anyone looking to assess competence and vocational skills, knowledge and understanding in work environments.

AET Level 3 – Award in Education and Training TQUK

The first step in teacher training; this learning pathway can take you all the way to a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate).

NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Business Administration

In today's challenging business climate, one thing is certain - every FSTE 100 executive has a personal assistant.

NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Skills for Business

Develop the essential skills you need to work successfully in any business environment or setting.

NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Skills For Business: Human Resources

Develop the key skills you need to work successfully in any business HR (Human Resources) setting.

DET Level 5 – Diploma in Education and Training TQUK

Our Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training, also known as the DET course, qualifies you to teach post-16. Develop your effectiveness in the classroom with this specialist teacher training course.

Do you have more information I can read about this?

Yes, we have a blog post with more information about ELCAS Courses.