What is the Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC)?

Looking to upskill or retrain? The MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC), provided through ELCAS, promotes lifelong learning for members of the UK's Armed Forces. The scheme, through approved ELCAS courses, provides financial support for up to three years to enable you to study qualifications at level 3 or above. Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme is a UK government initiative that offers financial support to members of the British Armed Forces who want to undertake approved training and development courses. Oxbridge is registered as an official provider of courses on the ELCAS scheme, and this page will guide you through how to enrol.

What does ELCAS stand for?

ELCAS means the Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme Administration Service. They are the MOD department responsible for administering funded course claims through the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) Scheme.

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What is JSP822?

If you're interested in ELCAS, you've probably come across JSP822, which is the MOD publication that covers the Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme.

Who is eligible for the ELCAS Scheme?

To be eligible for the ELC, personnel must have completed at least four years of service in the British Military. The scheme is open to both full-time and part-time soldiers. Soldiers must also be aged 16 or over to apply for the scheme.

ELCAS courses

Courses can be across multiple disciplines and qualification levels. The Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme covers everything from A-level courses to Counselling courses and beyond. The main benefit of the ELC is that it provides financial support for soldiers to undertake approved courses and training. This can help to improve soldiers' career prospects and earn them higher salaries. The scheme is also designed to promote lifelong learning.

How to claim an ELCAS course with Oxbridge

To claim an Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS) for an Oxbridge course, you need to follow these general steps:

  1. Eligibility Check: Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for ELCAS funding. Generally, this scheme is available to current and former members of the UK Armed Forces.
  2. Choose a Course: Explore the courses available under the ELCAS scheme. Visit the ELCAS website to access their course search tool and find an approved course that aligns with your interests and career goals.
  3. Request the ELCAS Claim Form: Request an ELCAS Claim Form from us or download it from the ELCAS website. Fill out the form with accurate information, including personal details, the chosen course, and associated costs.
  4. Submit the Claim Form: Submit the completed ELCAS Claim Form to Oxbridge. We must sign and authorise the form before sending it to ELCAS.
  5. ELCAS Approval: Oxbridge will forward the authorised claim form to ELCAS for processing. ELCAS will assess your eligibility and the course's suitability. ELCAS will issue a claim authorisation note (CAN) directly to you and the learning provider if approved.
  6. Paying your contribution: After receiving the CAN, inform Oxbridge that you have ELCAS funding approved. Pay any required contribution or fees directly to Oxbridge.
  7. Course Enrolment: Once Oxbridge has received your payment and the CAN, we will finalise your enrolment in the course.
  8. Submitting Claims: Throughout the course, maintain records of all invoices, receipts, and evidence of your attendance or completion. These documents will be necessary for submitting your claims for ELCAS funding.
  9. Claim Reimbursement: After completing each stage or module of your course, submit a claim for reimbursement to ELCAS. Include the relevant documents and information as specified by ELCAS. Upon approval, they will reimburse you directly for the eligible expenses.

Enrolling on Oxbridge ELCAS-funded courses

Most Oxbridge courses are eligible for the scheme. Many students choose subjects that they have an interest in, such as fitness courses or counselling courses. Other students choose to go broader by gaining their A-levels or GCSEs.

If this is all feeling a little overwhelming, we understand. Oxbridge is on hand to help explain ELCAS courses to you in more detail; please fill out our enquiry form, and we'll get in touch to help. Our skilled and friendly Learning Advisers are on hand to help you enrol.