Mindfulness Level 3 Diploma

There are three kinds of people in the world: Those living in the past, those thinking about their future, and those thriving in the present. When living in the past or future, we forget what matters most now. Our mindfulness course gives you context, teaches you techniques and verified routines that help you focus on the present and become more aware of how your body, thoughts and feelings are connected. You’ll learn how mindful meditation can breed acceptance, suspend judgement, overcome anxiety and achieve relaxation. When using mindfulness methods, you can train about any brain to think positively.

An ideal therapeutic course that helps you manage stress, transform your mindset, and harness your creativity. Our mindfulness course is the perfect companion course for people working in a range of fields. Whether you’re a teacher overwhelmed by a new class or a bookkeeper overthinking a pile of tax returns. You can learn tried and tested techniques that help get you in the zone by understanding how the mind and the body work together. It’s also relevant for people looking for strategies to overcoming potential triggers and reducing future-thinking that can pave way to mental health conditions, such as anxiety.

When studying our Mindfulness Level 3, you’ll learn about:

  • The history of mindfulness – from its early origins to its present therapeutic use
  • The use of mindful practices to treat mental health conditions
  • How to observe your thoughts, feelings, emotions and bodily sensations
  • Key theories that explore what it means to be mindful
  • Living mindfully and helping clients to live mindfully with tried and tested techniques
  • Psychological triggers and how mindfulness can help as a holistic approach to therapy
  • The power mindfulness has on the healing process, leadership and neuroplasticity
  • Setting up your own business from the comfort of your own home
  • And more…

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