Leadership and Teamwork Level 4 and 5

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Leadership and Teamwork Level 4 and 5 online course

Do you have leadership ambitions or want to develop your existing skills? This combined Level 4 and 5 Diploma in Leadership and Teamwork aims to provide you with the key skills needed for a career in management, human resources, management or business consultancy.

Delivered by Oxbridge in partnership with OBS, this diploma presents you with an opportunity to advance onto the final year of a university degree, with the Level 4 and four modules equivalent to the first two years of undergraduate study respectively. Your course carries up to 240 UCAS credits, used for university applications, and you’ll also benefit from being eligible for ELCAS funding to support you in your studies.

With ongoing support from a personal tutor in the form of one-to-one video sessions, and access to a student forum with links to additional resources, you’ll progress at the pace you’re comfortable with, fitting studying around ongoing commitments. Prepare for the final year of undergraduate and fast track your career prospects.

This online course follows the IAB 610/3132/X syllabus for level 4 and Qualifi’s 601/6049/4 syllabus for Level 5. These accredited syllabuses are recognised by Ofqual and valued highly for the career you’re aiming for.

What you will learn

  1. Level 4, Unit 1: Managing people in organisations

    Understand why effective management of people is essential within an organisation. You’ll also learn why needs must be understood and respected in order to achieve objectives.

  2. Level 4, Unit 2: Culture and the organisation

    Here, you’ll answer the question of what culture is and how to identify with it. You’ll be introduced to the ways people associate with culture, drawing on the definition provided by Terpstra and David (1991), that culture is ‘a learned, shared, interrelated set of symbols which unite and identify members of a society’.

  3. Level 4, Unit 3: Developing personal skills

    In this module, you’ll learn why managers working in a modern organisation need a wide range of skills. These include communication, leadership, encouraging teamwork, listening, and many others.

  4. Level 4, Unit 4: Effective communication

    You’ll become aware of the importance of communication in multiple settings, whether that is verbal encouragement, informing team members of change, or informal exchanges. You’ll also recognise why good communication applies to email correspondence and in strategy meetings.

  5. Level 4, Unit 5: Managing ethically

    This module examines various ethical considerations leaders need to make and the impacts that each action could cause. You’ll also understand the difficulties of ethical considerations and doing what is perceived as ‘the right thing’.

  6. Level 4, Unit 6: Performance management

    Here, you’ll understand how performance management leads to business success. You’ll identify how performance equates to an organisation’s growth and the need for a good culture.

  7. Level 4, Unit 7: Strategic human resource management

    Without people there is a limit to what the organisation can achieve. Human resources is a key practice in maintaining morale and ensuring accomplishments are recognised.

  8. Level 4, Unit 8: High performance teams

    Performance in an organisation requires a blend of diverse skills and experiences. In this module, you’ll learn why organisations must recognise that this blend is best achieved through team working.

  9. Level 4, Unit 9: Leadership skills

    In a constantly changing competitive environment, innovations in technology and changing economic conditions have led to the realisation that leadership is a skill to be developed. You’ll understand how leadership results in the success of an organisation and why it is a key skill.

  10. Level 4, Unit 10: Motivating and influencing people

    In this final Level 4 module, you’ll consider the different ways of motivating teams and how to gain success out of individual teams aiming to complete the same task.

  11. Level 5, Unit 1: The entrepreneurial manager

    This first Level 5 module explores the skills and qualities of entrepreneurship.

  12. Level 5, Unit 2: Organisation structures

    You’ll understand why organisations are structured in a certain way and what determines an optimum business structure, using numerous models and key theories.

  13. Level 5, Unit 3: Practical accounting analysis

    In this module, you’ll complete a series of accounting exercises to understand the information these can present and how to conduct the analysis that is needed.

  14. Level 5, Unit 4: Business planning and goal setting

    You’ll address key questions within a business’s goal-setting and aim to create clear plans to achieve vital objectives.

  15. Level 5, Unit 5: Politics and business

    Here, you’ll understand the influence politics plays in business and how helps and hinders operations.

  16. Level 5, Unit 6: Business Law

    This module introduces you to the statutory responsibilities of managers and the legal requirements of individual business executives.

  17. Level 5, Unit 7: Managing in today’s world

    This module focuses on the importance of governance and equality and why these are essential when conducting business ethically and responsibly.

  18. Level 5, Unit 8: Performance management

    Here, you’ll understand how businesses grow with their people and explores how measures such as CPD and reward structures are key in this growth.

  19. Level 5, Unit 9: Marketing and sales planning

    This module examines how you can analyse markets, customer data, and competitors, and bring this information together into a cohesive plan.

  20. Level 5, Unit 10: Quantitative skills

    By successfully completing this final Level 5 module, you’ll have complete knowledge of various numeric exercises and how you can use these within the wider context of business.

Awarding Body

Qualifi is a leading 21st century Awarding Organisation founded to meet the developing education and training needs of learners and employers from the UK and around the globe serving the needs of learners and employers in the UK and worldwide every year.

This online course carries up to 240 UCAS credits, which are used as part of university applications.

Course Outcome

This combined Level 4 and 5 combined diploma is the equivalent to the first two years of undergraduate study. You can then progress to complete your degree at one of the UK’s top universities.

How is this course assessed or examined?

This course is made up of a total of 20 modules – 10 at Level 4 and 10 and Level 5. You will be expected to complete 10 written assignments at level 4 and 6 written assignments at level 5.

Each module consists of approximately 40 guided learning hours of material with an additional 30-50 hours of optional learning material.

Entry requirements

Each module consists of approximately 40 guided learning hours of material with an additional 30-50 hours of optional learning material.