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Studying additional qualifications at schools and colleges is crucial for broadening students’ academic and vocational horizons. Pursuing these courses equips learners with diverse skills and knowledge, enhancing their future educational and career prospects in a competitive world.

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Unlimited Tutor Support

Every course that you enrol on comes with Unlimited Tutor Support. This feature offers one-to-one help whenever you need it, from the same tutor every time, tailored to your own learning requirements.

98% Pass Rate

In 2022, our students achieved a 98% pass rate, and 69% of our A-level pupils achieved a grade A or A*. That places Oxbridge amongst the top colleges for A-level results in the UK. 

Exam pass Guarantee

We’re so confident that if you don’t pass the first time, we’ll support you through to the next exam for free. 

Studying Internationally

Oxbridge has students across more than 80 countries!

Some of our courses can be studied in other countries. This is dependent on course and your ability to travel to an exam centre in your country. For more information on this it is best to contact us directly with your requirements.

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Our exam centres

To help you achieve optimum success in your exams, we only use the best A-Level and GCSE exam centres with the best assessors. We aim to keep exam fees as low as possible and will always be honest about any additional costs during your enrolment.

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Curriculum Support Service

In this free PDF you will learn:

  • About our continuous, subject specialist tutor support
  • How we have ongoing reporting on student progress and development
  • Who our dedicated named contacts are, to help you best support your students with their course

Schools Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to common questions, but if you have a question that’s not on the list then do get in touch.