Personnel & HR

Studying Personnel and HR is fundamental for those looking to foster a productive workplace environment. Gaining qualifications in this field equips professionals to manage and develop talent effectively, crucial for organisational success.

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Every course that you enrol on comes with Unlimited Tutor Support. This feature offers one-to-one help whenever you need it, from the same tutor every time, tailored to your own learning requirements.

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Have complete control over the pace and style of your learning needs. Home learning enables you to study from your phone, laptop, tablet, or even our optional study books 24/7.

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With over 200+ award-winning courses to choose from, our catalogue offers learning opportunities that have been celebrated for their quality and impact.

Employee Retention

For a fraction of the cost of a pay rise or hiring and onboarding… upskilling is the most affordable answer! According to a study by Willis Towers Watson, 70% of “high-retention-risk” employees want to leave because they so no future advancement in their current job or are simply bored! Replacing a salaried employee can cost six to nine months of salary, with senior-level positions that percentage is even higher.

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Productivity and Loyalty

It has been reported that companies that offer comprehensive learning and training programmes see a 218% increase in revenue per employee. The bottom line? Your company may be looking to strengthen the intellectual armour of your current teams, or simply help them achieve even greater things in the future!

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The Ulitimate L&D Planning Template for your Business
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The Ultimate Learning & Development Planning Template for your Business

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