You will always remember a great teacher you had in the past, just as you will never forget those teachers that you were not so keen on! Great teachers often shape your feelings about the learning process. Those teachers who stand out usually appear genuinely interested in passing on knowledge and helping people grow. Being a great teacher is about so much more than getting good results. It also involves being able to foster the imagination and build aspirations.

Maybe you are considering entering a career in teaching yourself, or perhaps you are thinking about accessing further study through distance learning. In either case, the following qualities of good teachers are worth keeping in mind.

High expectations

Teachers are there to not only provide support but to also motivate you. This can be done by setting high expectations, which encourages students to live up to them. Great teachers should also aim to set achievable goals for students of all abilities, not just higher achievers.


A great teacher who is approachable and caring often get the best result from their students. Students will also feel more comfortable raising concerns or questions with a teacher who is approachable, which can then help to address issues early.


A great teacher will aim to treat all students the same, regardless of background or academic ability. This approach helps to build trust between students and teachers and can also help address behavioural issues.

Subject knowledge

Demonstrating a real love of the subject will encourage students to feel the same way. Teachers who can show this level of passion and commitment should then be able to inspire the same in those they teach.


You respond better to people who show that they work hard. However, this is especially relevant when it comes to teaching, as students will hopefully then respond in a similar manner. There is very little point in nagging students about attendance if the teachers themselves turn up late to class.


Good teachers will demonstrate their professional approach through how they communicate with others and the way they work. Those teachers who demonstrate good organizational skills and present a positive image will have a greater impact on their students.

Become a great teacher

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