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Traditional Education vs Personal Tutor Support

posted by Carla on Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Classrooms sizes in the UK have grown over the years as the population has increased. A recent Department of Education report stated, births in 2010 were around 20% higher than in 2002. Infact were a huge 13% higher than in 2004. This report also found evidence of a link between class size and educational attainment. Larger classroom sizes have an effect on both students and teachers as pressure grows to cater to a wider range of needs. Relieving this pressure is one of the main benefits of Personal Tutor Support

Study plan

With personal Tutor Support approach, the tutor can create a study plan that is specific to the student’s strengths. As well as areas that require improvement. This approach also means the tutor will have the time to discuss particular areas of concern with the student promptly and in detail. Students can also get help with more than one subject with this type of study.


The delivery of personal tutor support means students feel they have someone to turn to when they need help, which helps maintain engagement and focus. The student is able to ask questions without feeling self-conscious that other students are listening. A personal tutor also means friends will not distract the student, which can happen in larger classroom settings.

Developing rapport

Although teachers can develop a rapport with their students in a classroom setting, it can be easier to accomplish this in a more direct way when 1-1 tutoring is in place. This way, the tutor can build trust through a more personalised approach. They are also able to customise their teaching style to the individual student, allowing the tutor to monitor the student’s progression closely and intervene when necessary.

Learning style

The personal tutor support approach can be beneficial when students have different learning styles. A large classroom environment will be particularly challenging for certain students due to their learning style, especially for students who are less vocal and who struggle with pacing. In these cases, individual instruction and attention will be much more advantageous. A personal tutor is best placed to evaluate the student’s style of learning; enabling them to develop a teaching strategy and approach that suits their needs and helps them learn.

Distance learning courses

Oxbridge Home Learning enables students to learn at a pace that suits them. When you enrol on any of the distance learning courses, you will be assigned a personal tutor who will support you throughout your studies, including providing advice on study skills and where to look for information.

Having personal tutor support available gives you the flexibility of distance learning combined with the assurance you will receive ongoing support that extends beyond traditional teaching hours. Your personal course tutors will provide you with the motivation you need to reach your qualification goals.

You will also have the confidence in knowing Oxbridge Home Learning’s tutors are lecturers and experts in their fields who are passionate about helping you to achieve the best possible results.

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