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Are you considering a PRINCE2 Qualification

posted by Carla on Friday, 16 December 2016

Are you considering a PRINCE2 Qualification? Are a little unsure as to what it can do for you?

What does a PM do?

Project managers plan and organise resources and people to make sure projects finish on time. As well as stay within budget and meet the requirements of the business. Project Managers work in all industries from Construction to IT.

Post Study and your PRINCE2 Qualification

After studying online with Oxbridge Home Learning you will be able to plan, lead and deliver successful projects. On this Distance Learning course you will gain the real-world skills you need to manage projects.

You will be able to estimate risk and develop leadership skills with our Project Management training curriculum. As a result, you will enhance your credentials with our courses.

Oxbridge Home Learning PRINCE2 Qualification Courses

Oxbridge Home Learning Offer Both PRINCE2 Project Management Courses, Foundation and Practitioner.

6 reasons why you need to be PRINCE2 Qualification

  1. Industry Standard for Project Management. If you are looking to work in project management or are already working in this area you know that Prince is the globally recognised qualification. It is endorsed fully by the UK government. It is widely renowned for being the best practice for project management. In short it is the essential benchmark of capability and competence, within the industry. It is the key qualification that you need!
  2. Employability will increase. Many companies will ask for their Project Managers to be Prince 2 qualified. In addition, for many it is a pre-requisite. Once you’re PRINCE2® Practitioner qualified, becoming a fully-fledged Project Manager or Programme Co-ordinator is easily achievable.
  3. Quick Qualification. All PRINCE2® Certifications are quick to complete. On average 20-40 hours for entry level for foundation and 2/3 days for practitioner levels. In addition, you can study online and at your own pace, it will fit in with your own lifestyle and current commitments.
  4. Salary Maximisation. Jobs looking for PRINCE2® Foundation qualified candidates offer an average annual salary of £32,000. Once PRINCE2® Practitioner has been completed, this figure could potentially rise to £50,000. Thus, there are also a number of long-term financial benefits of a PRINCE2® qualified career.
  5. Open Doors for your career. The PRINCE2® qualifications are globally recognised and respected. If you have wanted to work abroad project management could be the option for you!
  6. Furthermore, You will be better at your job! PRINCE2® will provide Project Managers with the structure required to ensure deadlines are met. And, there is a framework in place to help hit core KPI’s. Furthermore, it is designed specifically to be flexible and can be tailored to any project.

In conclusion

Finally, If you want to take your career to the next level with PRINCE2®, do so here!