Project management is a booming industry. According to recent research, the world will need 25 million new project managers by 2030. Much of this is due to increased demand in sectors like mobile apps, healthcare technology, and IT security.

These industries need people with project management qualifications to ensure plans run smoothly. A good project manager (PM) will keep people and processes on track to ensure successful project outcomes.

A PM will use various approaches depending on their project and industry. These methodologies guide PMs in scheduling projects, timing work and producing results. One of the most in-demand project management methodologies is Prince2.

What Is Prince2 In Project Management?

Prince2 stands for Projects In Controlled Environments. It’s an enormously popular method of managing projects that’s used worldwide. Like most methodologies, it breaks projects into manageable chunks, allowing PMs, workers, and clients to follow progress logically.

The overall goal of Prince2 is to manage the project lifecycle and minimise the risk of failure. It was developed by AXELOS to help UK government projects run more efficiently. Prince2 qualifications are recognised around the world.

The Prince2 Method

Seven principles underpin the Prince2 project management method. These principles help plan projects and review progress to keep them on track.

The fundamental concept of the Prince2 methodology is that every project should have a business justification. This might sound obvious, but it’s possible for PMs and clients to lose focus in the middle of projects. A project board can also be involved when making significant decisions.

Overall, though, Prince2 empowers the PM to ensure the project is a success. As such, Prince2 trained PMs are in huge demand.

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Prince2 Training Course?

Taking a Prince2 training course brings several benefits:

  • For current PMs, Prince2 teaches innovative project management skills
  • For new PMs, Prince2 opens the door to millions of jobs
  • Prince2 is also a valuable qualification for developers, directors and project team members
  • Prince2 is used in the United Kingdom government and private businesses worldwide
  • As a generic approach, Prince2 can be applied to any project in any industry

Finally, it’s a solid foundation to build a lucrative career in project management.

So, how can you get started?

Are There Any Prerequisites for a Prince2 Course?

The great news is that beginners can get started on their Prince2 journey straight away. The Prince2 Foundation qualification has no entry requirements other than a good level of English and willingness to learn. Once you’ve passed the foundation course, you’ll be able to move on to more advanced certifications.

Prince2 Foundation Course

The Prince2 Foundation Course is the ideal starting point to learn Prince2 fundamentals. As a foundation level course, it covers the basics of Prince2. The course content includes:

  • An overview of Prince2 principles
  • How to organise project teams
  • How to justify business cases
  • The initial planning stage of a project
  • Project quality control
  • Risk management and dealing with problems
  • How to progress projects and work with changes
  • Ending a project and product delivery
  • Various individual project processes.

Students typically take around four months to complete the course. To pass, you’ll need to sit the Foundation exam – this open book exam covers all the topics you’ll have learned during your study. On successful completion of the exam, you’ll earn the Prince2 Foundation certificate. This will allow you to work as a member of Prince2 project teams and begin the Practitioner course.

Prince2 Practitioner Course

After completing the Foundation exam, you’ll be able to move on to the Prince2 Practitioner course. The Practitioner level course builds on the knowledge gained during foundation study, covering topics with more depth and complexity.

Students will take this learning and link the entire Prince2 ethos together. With your additional knowledge, you’ll know:

  • How Prince2 principles, themes and processes work together
  • How the relationship between Prince2 ideas helps to build strong projects
  • How different Prince2 plans apply to various project situations.

It usually takes around four months of self-study to complete the course, ending with the Prince2 Practitioner exam. This will test your knowledge of the Prince2 process and its application in different scenarios. After passing, you’ll earn the Prince2 Practitioner certification and be able to start leading projects.

What Career Advancement Is There With Prince2?

After becoming a Prince2 practitioner, you’ll have numerous career options. Most people start working as a project manager, leading development teams in a range of industries. As you gain experience, you’ll work on higher-value projects – often with increasing demands and more complex project management team structures.

Many PMs also complete further project management training and qualifications. You might decide to become a Project Management Professional (PMP) or a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). These courses are not requirements but lead to further responsibility and career advancement.

If you’re interested in technology, you might also consider learning about agile project management. Agile is a fluid approach typically applied to technology development. The Agile Foundation qualification builds on your knowledge and experience to give you the tools to work with Prince2 agile projects.

Of course, many Prince2 certification holders work in other roles, using their learning to understand more about their projects.

Take Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner Courses Online

Project managers are in huge demand, especially those that hold Prince2 qualifications. With Oxbridge online courses, you can study and take your Prince2 exams from home, in your own time. Get one of the most in-demand project management certifications. Check our online courses or speak to a course advisor today.