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Assessor Requirements

What is required of an observational assessor?

During some of our courses, you will be asked to source an assessor to observe certain elements of your learning. Generally, students ask a manager or suitably qualified person in their workplace to carry out this role. If this is not possible, for an additional fee, Oxbridge will have an assessor come to you, to carry out these observations. Please contact us to obtain a quote for this service.

The assessor may be an Expert witness and can be drawn from experienced individuals who can attest to the learner’s performance in the workplace. This may include line managers or other experienced colleagues. Expert witnesses must only be used for observation where they have occupational expertise for specialist areas. Expert witnesses don’t need to hold an Assessor qualification and the assessment observation will be assessed by our tutors when submitted to ensure standards are met.


What do all these terms mean?

You probably haven’t come across many of these terms before, don’t worry, Oxbridge are here to help and guide you through this, here’s an explanation:

Occupationally competent

This means that each Assessor must be capable of carrying out the full requirements within the competency units they are assessing. Being occupationally competent means they are also occupationally knowledgeable. This occupational competence should be maintained through clearly demonstrable continuing learning and professional development.


Occupationally knowledgeable

This means that each Assessor should possess relevant knowledge and understanding, and be able to assess this in units designed to test specific knowledge and understanding, or in units where knowledge and understanding are components of competency. This occupational knowledge should be maintained through clearly demonstrable continuing learning and professional development.


Expert witness

Evidence from expert witnesses must meet the tests of validity, reliability and authenticity. Expert witnesses will need to demonstrate:

  • they have a working knowledge of the units on which their expertise is based
  • they are occupationally competent in their area of expertise
  • they have EITHER any qualification in the assessment of workplace performance OR a professional work role which involves evaluating the everyday practice of staff
  • they have current or recent (within the last 2 years) experience of working at or above the level for which they are attesting competence
  • they can demonstrate appropriate, continuous professional development relevant to the sector for which they are attesting competence
  • that they have no conflict of interest in the outcome of the evidence.


We understand that on first reading, you may have more questions about this aspect of your studies. We’d encourage you to get in touch and we’d be delighted to talk you through it!