Here is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Oxbridge, our students are number one. So, we’ve carefully compiled this list of frequently asked questions to solve all your distance learning queries and concerns. Can’t find what you’re after? Check out our contact page and get in touch with our friendly support team to discover the answer.

Q: I haven’t studied for years; will I be able to do the course?

A: First of all, don’t worry! Most of our students haven’t studied for some time. Our course writers are aware of this, which is why our courses are written specifically with our learners in mind. It’s also why your personal tutor is always on hand whenever you get stuck. Courses are designed to be enjoyable and educational, and feedback we’ve received from past and present students confirm this.

Q: What skills do I need to enrol on your course?

A: Our distance learning courses are available to people of all ages and academic backgrounds. If a course you’ve chosen requires previous skills, we’ll advise you of them on the related course page. However, a general interest, commitment and desire to find out what you are capable of is usually all you’ll need. If you still think you might have difficulties, our friendly course advisers can help clear everything up, so don’t hesitate to call them!

Q: Are there any time restrictions?

A: We don’t impose any time limits or pressures on you to complete your course. Your course won’t expire or become invalid until you have completed it. This flexibility allows you to work at your own pace without restrictions. However, we do ask that if you plan on taking a study break for six months or more that you inform your tutor. The only exception is for students studying for their GCSE or A-Levels, as examinations are externally set. In this instance, it’s important that you work towards specific examination dates.

Q: When can I start?

A: Right now! At Oxbridge, we operate a continuous enrolling system. Due to this, you don’t need to wait for the next student intake; you can start whenever you want! We’re living proof you really can fit your studying into and around your life. See a course you like? Get started today!

Q: How quickly will I receive my course materials?

A: Quicker than you can say Oxbridge. How you obtain your course materials will depend on your course and the format you choose to study your course. If you opt for online study, you’ll receive your logins within three days of enrolment. However, if you choose traditional paper-based study, you’ll receive your materials within five days. Though, you’ll usually receive your materials faster as courses are dispatched almost immediately. As soon as your course or logins arrive, you can start studying.

Q: What is included in the cost of my course?

A: Everything but the special carrier pigeon delivering your course. The cost includes your course materials, unlimited tutor support, marking, and any software required to complete your studies. Of course, there will be oodles of helpful advice. We’ll also detail how to get your hands on a nifty NUS card for special discounts at your favourite stores.

Q: What if I require help?

A: At times you will, but you’ll have an expert tutor there to watch your back. They’ll be your personal companion throughout your course and will always be there to offer guidance. Just because home learning means you’re working independently from home, doesn’t mean you’re alone. In fact, you can contact your tutor when you need; there are no restrictions. Need any help outside your course? Our support team can help you out of any pickle.

Q: Can I get funding for my course?

A: While we don’t have any funding options available, we do offer interest-free monthly payments on whichever course you choose. To find out how you can better manage course fees, please get in touch, and we’ll discuss your requirements through. If we can do anything to help you reach your goal and start studying, we will.

Q: Are there any age limits?

A: Absolutely not! We believe education should be available to everyone. So, we welcome student of all ages to come and study with us. As a guideline, our courses are usually written for students over sixteen. However, our GCSE courses are written for anyone over fourteen.

Q: I’ve seen your course cheaper elsewhere, will you price match?

A: Yes, we’re aware that there are courses out there with the same titles. However, not all products are created equally. So, we would ask you to consider whether it’s best to choose another provider based on price alone. Please bear in mind that when you enrol with Oxbridge, you’re buying into a next-level learning experience. It’s not just about getting a qualification but the skills that’ll make the difference when you graduate. There’s a reason why we have consistently high pass rates. It’s because we put lots of effort into producing courses that help you achieve the best possible results.

Q: Is there a required reading list?

A: Our courses are designed to include all the materials and information you need to complete your studies. However, our GCSE and A-level courses may require the use of external books, which can be purchased online or in a bookstore. Libraries are also a great place to do additional research.

Q: Do I have to sit an exam?

A: We know people often grow tense when exams enter the picture but don’t threat; we’ll make sure you’re fully prepared. Sitting for an exam depends on your chosen course. Most of our paper-based courses only require coursework to be produced. However, where exams are required, usually for GCSE or A-levels, you’ll receive the information you need to arrange your exams. Again, we can help you set these up. Your tutor will also help you become a champion with expert advice, insight and revision tips that make exams fun.

Q: Can I study with you if I live outside of the UK?

A: Yes! We actively encourage international students to study with us at Oxbridge. Unlike on-ground colleges, our courses are specifically designed for distance learning or home study. So, it doesn’t matter what continent you’re living, if we’ve got a course you want to study we’ll deliver it – even Antarctica. We’ve proudly delivered one of our special welcome packs as far afield as South Korea.

If you intend to study our GCSE or A-level courses, it’s currently compulsory to sit your exams in the UK. However, we’re presently building a network of international exam centres. So, please check the course page for the course you want to study; there may be an exam centre near you. Still in doubt? A quick chat with our support team will set things straight.

Q: How do I get my work assessed?

A: Your tutor will advise you on how to submit your work, which varies depending on your chosen course. However, the usual mode of submission for student work is via email or our tutor support portal.

Q: I’m worried that I’ll be the oldest in the class

A: Nowadays, you’re never too old to learn. In fact, more people are noticing the benefits of getting an education to better their skills but also themselves. You may remember a certain Bertie Gladwin who graduated at 91? Bertie first left school in 1935! He’s proof that age is just a number. So, it’s never too late to improve yourself or prove that you ‘still have it’! Besides, there are no classes to attend, and our tutors work with you on a one-to-one basis. So take the jump, you won’t regret it.

Question: Will I cope with the workload?

Answer: Two major perks of studying with Oxbridge is the flexibility and support. Our courses are designed through the eyes of our learners, making them easier to manage and more accessible. Meaning you can work around your life at a time and pace that suits you best – no restrictions. Once you’ve completed a module, you simply submit your work and await feedback. There are no deadlines or classes to attend; giving you complete freedom to choose how you study. Add an expert tutor who is always there to answer you’re queries, and you’ll cope with your workload with ease.

Q: I’m not great with technology

A: That’s quite alright because you choose how you want to study. Depending on your course, you can either study online or traditionally with a pen and paper. Many of our courses use both formats, so if you think online study isn’t for you. For a small fee, we can send our hardcopy versions by mail. However, we do recommend that you try to improve your IT skills as you study your course. There’s plenty of available resources, apps, videos and advice that will add more strings to your bow. Everybody loves a triple-threat graduate.

Q: How do I make payment for my course?

A: There are several ways to pay. The easiest is via our self-service website, where there are several payment methods, such as by credit or debit card. However, if you’re not a massive fan of technology and online payments, you can speak to one of our Student Advisers and pay for your course over the phone.

Q: What if I want to cancel my course?

A: We accept cancellations within 14 days from the day after receipt of materials. All you need to do is simply return all unused course materials to us and we will refund you. Please let us know what you intend to do before sending back your course.

Q: I’ve not found the answer to my question?

A: Can’t find what you’re looking for in our frequently asked questions? We’re always here to help with whatever queries you may have. So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please see our contact page for ways to chat to us for more information.