It’s widely known that how children engage with learning during their early years plays an important role in determining their future. By choosing to study a course in childcare, you can be a part of that future.

We all remember our days at school, from our first nervous introduction to the classroom to the fun of the playground. Often, it's because of those fond memories, that many people are drawn towards working with children and enabling the next generation to access brighter futures.

If you’re considering a career in childcare, gaining a relevant qualification is your first step. In this guide, we’ll aim to answer common questions on studying childcare, including the qualifications available and what you can do with them.

Why Study Childcare? The Benefits Explained

Are you thinking about studying childcare? It’s a great choice. There are lots of benefits to this type of qualification, and a rewarding, fulfilling career putting your skills to use awaits.

Below, we’ve listed some of the benefits of studying childcare, which should help you decide if it’s right for you:

  • Working with children and young people – by far the biggest and most obvious benefit; you can look forward to a career working with children and young people.
  • Lots of career options – an entry-level qualification in childcare is the perfect jumping-off point for a range of different careers, so the sky’s the limit on where your career might take you.
  • Making a difference – a career in childcare lets you give back to others, bringing your own knowledge and experience to bear in lots of different situations. You can make a genuine difference in your community, whatever your future career path.
  • Working with a diverse mix of people – whether it’s children, their parents, teachers or social care workers, you’ll be working with a huge mix of people throughout your career.
  • Varied and exciting work – no two days are ever the same in the world of childcare, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever get bored throughout the working week.
  • The option to start your own business – that’s right, you could own a business one day, turning your talent and passion for childcare into something to be proud of.

A career in childcare will provide you with the privilege of watching children grow and turn their dreams into realities. Those who work in childcare often say that the favourite part of their job is allowing children to just be themselves. You will also experience that unique feeling of having contributed to that individual child’s education and development.

You will get to spend your days with children of all backgrounds and abilities, teaching them, playing games to improve their social skills, and entertaining them by telling stories. Many practitioners in this field also enjoy the benefits of running their own business and providing a service that suits the needs of both children and their parents.

What Qualifications Can You Take in Childcare?

Studying childcare means choosing from a huge range of different course options. Remember, early-years development is critical to a child’s future, so there is a vast array of accredited courses which give you the skills needed to help children at this formative stage in their lives.

Childcare qualifications vary from entry-level to Level 5 and above. Many practitioners opt to take on new courses throughout their careers, developing skills which further their understanding and help them progress up the ladder.

childcare worker with kids

Here are a few different examples of the childcare qualifications you can gain as part of a distance learning course from Oxbridge:

This is just a small handful of the childcare qualifications available through Oxbridge. Click here to explore our full range of childcare distance learning courses.

What Jobs Can You Get with a Childcare Qualification?

There is a wide range of careers available in the childcare sector, from working in a nursery setting with babies and toddlers to teaching teenagers in a school, with progression to further education often encouraged. If you're passionate about helping children, as well as patient, caring and hardworking, then this may well be a path you wish to follow.

Here are some of the career options which may be available to you after completing a childcare qualification, or later on in your career:

  • Childcare worker
  • Early years practitioner
  • Early years teacher
  • Learning mentor
  • Play specialist
  • Play therapist
  • Primary school teacher
  • Social worker
  • Teaching assistant
  • Youth worker

Can You Study Childcare as Part of a Distance Learning Course?

Yes, you can. There are lots of childcare qualifications you can gain through distance learning, so you can benefit from flexible study alongside your other commitments.

We offer recognised childcare and teaching assistant courses, providing you with accredited qualifications and skills that are respected by employers. We provide courses for beginners right through to the more advanced level, so you are sure to find a course to suit your experience and skill level.

teacher sat with young pupil

All our courses are designed to be studied from home, in your own time, in your own space and at your own pace. What’s more, you can enrol on our courses at any time of the year, further enabling you to fit your studies around your current circumstances and commitments.

We hope this guide proves useful in helping you determine your future career path. If you’re interested in gaining a qualification in childcare, don’t forget that Oxbridge offers a range of childcare courses that can help you realise your ambitions. For more information or to speak to one of our experienced course advisers, visit the homepage or call us today on 0121 630 3000.