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What is criminology? Learn and explore with us!

posted by Carla on Monday, 24 October 2016

Do you find crime shows on TV fascinating? Do you insist on watching Crimewatch? Are you interested in the way that crime impacts on society? If yes, Criminology is for you!

What is criminology?

Criminology is about much more than just looking at criminal behaviour. It analyses how crime affects victims and society as a whole. Criminology considers various theories and ideas around how and why crimes occur. Criminology also looks at ways to control and prevent criminal behaviour. In addition to the way law enforcement operates, and the mechanism of the criminal justice system.

The study of criminology dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. Scholars began to realise that defining criminal behaviour as simply a “sin” was not a sufficient way to understand this phenomenon. The term “criminology” comes from both the Latin word “crimen,” which means accusation, and the translated Greek term “logia,” which is used to describe the study of a particular concept or subject.

Furthermore, Criminology is considered a branch of sociology. It draws on aspects of psychology and anthropology. It takes a scientific approach to understanding crime and criminal behaviour.

Careers linked to criminology

You may find that your personal interest in criminology makes you want to undertake some formal distance learning. Studying this subject area may cause you to view news reports and headlines in a more informed way.

The study of criminology can also lead to exciting careers. As a result you could work for the police, the courts or the prison service. Criminologists work within the social welfare sector. This includes programmes dealing with youth offending, housing and homelessness, and victim support.

Learning options

If this subject area does fascinate you and you want to learn more, Oxbridge Home Learning offers a range of distance learning criminology courses.

If you are interested in the behaviour and psychology of people who commit crimes, the Criminal Psychology Level 3 course could be right up your street. Furthermore, this distance learning course will teach you about the role of the criminal psychologist and the criminal justice system. In conclusion, this course would be an excellent way to find out more about this fascinating subject. What is especially relevant is that with Oxbridge Home Learning you can complete this course online, in your own time and at your own pace.

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