As experts in distance learning, we are well aware of the challenges of trying to learn and study in your own home.

The biggest hurdle is often getting yourself into the mood to work or study and to then staying motivated and focused throughout a study session.

That’s why we’ve undertaken in-depth research to develop a playlist of songs specifically designed to improve mood, concentration, and productivity for your studies.

The Tracks


Pharrel Williams Happy
17:32 The Deli
controlla Idealism
Snowman WYS
this girl Elijah Who
Affection Jinsang
I'm closing my eyes Potsu
Eternal Youth RUDE
sincerely, yours Nohidea
Again Wun Two
French Inhale [bsd.u]
Bicep Sundial
Rude Kid Voices
Jon Hopkins Open Eye Signal
Miles Davis All Blues
Mozart Salzburg Symphony No. 1 (‘Divertimento in D major’)
Led Zeppelin The Rain Song
Riddle Krazy (Instrumental)
Mozart Symphony No. 40 in G minor, First Movement
A Tribe Called Quest Electric Relaxation

How does it work?

Studies have shown that music produces several positive effects on our brains. One of these is that it activates both the left and right brain at the same time, maximising learning and improving memory.

Music is also proven to reduce stress by decreasing heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety levels. One study found that music’s effect on anxiety levels is similar to the effect of getting a massage. A study done by Cambridge University showed that hip-hop music has an uplifting effect that can help listeners to cope with mental health issues.

Basketball players are prone to struggling under high pressure during games performed significantly better if they first listened to catchy, upbeat music and lyrics. The same concept applies to learning - if your mood is improved, so is your concentration and ability to perform under pressure.

The Logic Behind the Music

The ideal length of a study session is just over one hour, as this is enough time to complete a good amount of work without causing burnout.

To be as productive as possible, you should enter your session in a positive mood, and ideally, the music you play in the background should play at 60-70 beats per minute for maximum concentration.

Using this data and analysing the most popular studying playlists currently available on Spotify, we’ve developed a 90-minute playlist that will build your mood, help you focus, improve your concentration and motivate you to complete your study session.

Happy studying!

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