If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, it might be time to sort through your bookshelves and see if you have any of these classic children’s books in your collection, because you could be sitting on a fortune!

We have undertaken in-depth research to reveal some of the most valuable books that are likely to be hiding in UK collections. 

We firstly based our research on a list of the most valuable books that are likely to be lying around your home, compiled by Matthew Haley, the Director and Head of Books & Manuscripts at Auction House, Bonhams.

We then analysed the valuations of these books across a variety of recognised book sellers, including John Atkinson Books, Peter Harrington, Jonkers, Biblio, and Abe Booksm, in order to establish exactly what kind of money each title could be worth.

Have a look at our bookshelf to see if you own any of these classic books, which could be worth a fortune!

The Hobbit (1937)

JRR Tolkien

If you have a first, second, or second revised edition of the classic fantasy story, The Hobbit, you could be sitting on a fortune. Our research has shown that copies of this book can reach up to almost £10,000 in value.

  • Second revised edition (1951) - valued at £5,000
  • First US Edition (1938) - valued at £9,000
  • First Edition, Fourth Impression (1946) - valued at £9,995

Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone (1997)

JK Rowling

The first story in the infamous series of Harry Potter books was released in 1997, and has since gained worldwide notoriety. If you have one of the original versions, it could be worth a staggering £95,000.

  • First Paperback Edition first impression (1997) - £30,000
  • True First Hardcover Edition (1997) - £95,000

The Cat in the Hat (1957)

Dr Seuss

Most adults will have happy memories of reading the Dr Seuss stories as children, with their whimsical rhymes and magical illustrations. It might be time to make a new memory, as a hardback first edition of The Cat in the Hat could get you a staggering £13,000, depending on the condition of your copy. 

  • First Edition (1957) - valued at £13,300

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1902)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Sherlock Holmes stories have been re-imagined numerous times to bring them into the modern day, making them a household favourite for many families. For anyone who read the classic stories as a child (or an adult!), it could be a good idea to rummage for your copies of the books, as first editions of The Hound of the Baskervilles can get up to £9,000.  

  • True First Issue (1902) - £2,750
  • First Edition, first impression (1902) - £3,000
  • Hardcover First Edition (1902) - £9,000

The Jungle Book & Second Jungle Book (1894-5)

Rudyard Kipling

The original stories that Disney based their well loved movie on are filled with magic and wonder. First editions can reach up to almost £7,000 in value.

  • First edition, first printing (1894) - £3,500
  • Hardback first edition (1894) - £6,650

The Winnie the Pooh Collection (1924-28)

AA Milne

Before Disney’s version became the more well known image of Winnie the Pooh, the A.A. Milne stories were some of the most popular to read to children. Do you remember reading the original stories and poems from the classic Winnie the Pooh collections? If so, check your bookshelves, as the full collection of four books (Winnie the Pooh, The House at Pooh Corner, When We Were Very Young, and Now We Are Six) could be worth around £17,500.

  • Full Collection - First Editions (1924 - '28) - £17,500
  • Winnie the Pooh (single book) - First Edition (1926) - £5,000

A Christmas Carol (1843)

Charles Dickens

We all know the tale of Scrooge and the three Christmas ghosts, but did you know how valuable the original editions of Charles Dickens’ iconic novel are? A true first edition will get up to £33,000 with specialist sellers.

  • Second US Edition (1844) - £8,750
  • True First edition, first printing (1843) - £33,000
  • Hardback First edition, first issue (1843) - £12,500

Squirrel Nutkin (1901)

Beatrix Potter

The charming illustrations of Beatrix Potter have been winning the hearts of children for over 120 years, and these days copies of her books can 

  • First UK Edition (1903) - £1,500
  • First edition first impression (1903) - £2,000
  • First Trade Edition (Deluxe Binding) (1903) - £4,500

The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1901)

Beatrix Potter

Another beautiful classic from Beatrix Potter, this one can reach almost £15,000 for a hardback first edition and first printing. 

  • First UK Edition (1903) - £1,500
  • First Deluxe Issue (1907) - £2,500
  • First trade edition, deluxe issue - £12,500
  • Hardback First edition first printing - £14,700