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Don’t aspire to be a Guru, aspire to Be More!

posted by Hannah on Friday, 17 February 2017

There seem to be a guru for everything these days?

Just about everywhere you look there is someone proclaiming to be a guru of something. I’m not sure either! It can be quite baffling.

Origins of a Guru?

The concept of a “guru” appears to have originated within Hindu texts and means a teacher, expert or master of specific knowledge or area of interest. In popular culture, being a guru is being an expert in a particular field. Some may argue that the original, rather noble definition has been somewhat undermined by certain gurus who have popped up over the years.

A trending Guru

Most recently, health and fitness gurus have become very popular. As a result, an example of someone who has been promoted to guru status is Joe Wicks. Joe is the online nutrition coach and creator of healthy eating plans. What started out as a standard fitness and healthy eating model has grown to be religiously followed everywhere. His popularity and the faith of his followers are evidenced in his three best-selling books and the ongoing subscriptions to his healthy eating plans.

Another very modern development is the increase in social media gurus. These individuals are usually people who reside on Instagram or Twitter (usually both) and promote their knowledge. They range from business entrepreneurs and experts to 20-somethings using multimedia platforms to create their own brand. They pass on advice and tips on how to succeed within their area of expertise.

Celebrity Gurus

Lifestyle gurus have also grown in popularity, as celebrities started to branch out to try and reach a wider audience. A particularly well-known example of this phenomenon is Gwyneth Paltrow who established her own online magazine called Goop. Paltrow used this website as a platform to pass on advice on how to achieve an all-round healthy and spiritual lifestyle. Although the website was successful, many people felt irked by her lifestyle goals that seem unachievable to most people because of her significant wealth and privilege.

Aspire to Be More! Could it be you?

To achieve guru status, you need to have a specific area of expertise, a platform on which to promote your skills and the knowledge and personality to makes people wish to follow you. Therefore, if you feel you have the self-confidence to become a modern guru, consider studying one of Oxbridge Home Learning’s distance learning courses to complete the equation. If you fancy being the next Joe Wicks, one of the diet and nutrition courses could be perfect. Aspire to Be More!

Making a difference

Furthermore, if you would like to make a difference then consider putting your Counselling skills to better practice. You have to balance empathy with the ability to be logical and firm, you must be a good listener, and importantly you should also know how to prompt your clients towards the right direction. If this sounds like you let Oxbridge Home Learning be the one to support you through your online studies; take those first steps with us to start or change your career. Furthermore, are you the one that people come to when they have a decision to make? Are you the one who gives sound advice? Are you a good listener? Open minded and non-judgmental? Then why not turn this natural talent in to something much more, as a life coach?

Oxbridge Home Learning and You

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Aspire to Be More!